• A clip of this episode was posted on Vimeo the day before it aired.
  • This is the first episode in 2 years since "Operation Dinkleberg" that is not a 30 minutes special.
  • As in the episode, He Poofs He Scores, Timmy's friends don't speak except when they're reciting the group creed, in this case the Squirrel Scout's creed.
  • This is the first episode in Season 9 where Denzel Crocker does not appear in at any moment.
  • Cosmo mentioned the fairies' immortality before Mr. Turner busted in and almost "killed" them.
  • The Squirrely Scout Credo is different in this episode than in Squirrely Puffs.
  • Innuendo: Mr. Turner states that if he takes a group of boys to the theater in his troop leader uniform, he would be arrested, suggesting that he meant he would get mistaken for a pedophile.


  • Titanic - The running gag of talking about hitting an iceberg and sinking is a reference to when the Titanic hits an iceberg and sinks.

Running Gags

  • People talking about hitting an iceberg and sinking.
  • Cosmo getting phrases wrong.
  • Sparky playing the music, putting on sun glasses, and driving the bus.
  • Hamburgers causing people to be attacked by bears.


  • During the Squirrely Scout Credo, the captions display the second E in TREES as an S, as in TRESS (which means a piece of hair). The plural of tress is tresses, which means We climb up tress. This doesn't make sense. This entire goof only occurred in the first airing and was corrected in subsequent airings.
  • There's a goof in the DIRECTV Guide. It says Dinkelscouts and switched up the E and L on Dinkle.
  • When Timmy says "That was me lose" the eyes of his squirrel hat are bold lined.
  • When Timmy is reading the poster for Faultline National Park, he refers to it as Faultline State Park and recites a phrase that wasn't on the poster when Timmy's dad showed it to him.

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