Cosmo: Oh Timmy, you just need to relax and take in the fresh air.
(he picks up a rabbit and sniffs it)
Cosmo: Oh yuck, I need a fresher hare, this one smells like dirt and carrots.
(The rabbit gets angry and kicks him)
Cosmo: I am starting to hate camping.

Timmy: Wanda, I think I was wrong about making Mr. Dinkleberg the scout leader, It broke my dad's heart. I wish.
Sheldon Dinkleberg: Okay kids, I set up your campsite.
Wanda: You wish what, Timmy?
Timmy: I wish I was first in line for the ferris wheel! YAAAAAAYYY!

Mr. Turner: Check out the park we are going to!
Timmy: (reading the poster) Faultline State Park: If you have a bad time, it's not our fault, unless there's another earthquake. Dad, this sounds dangerous!

Mr. Turner: I feel terrible. I've let Timmy down, and fire ants are on this stump. I hope I don't start hallucinating from sadness and fire ant venom.
(Sparky pulls up with the bus)
Mr. Turner: Ooh, a dog driving a bus! Nothing weird there.
Sparky: Hey, Timmy's dad.
Mr. Turner: A talking dog! Now I know I'm hallucinating. The venom has gone straight from my butt to my brain!
Sparky: Timmy sent me. He's worried about you.
Mr. Turner: Oh, Timmy. He doesn't need me, thinking of my imagination. He's having the time of his life with Dinkleberg.
Timmy: AHH, HELP! Dad, SAVE ME!
Mr. Turner: Ooh! Timmy's in trouble. I'd rescue him, but I would only mess it up. Dinkleberg can save him.
Sheldon Dinkleberg: Ahh! I can't save him!
Sparky: You can do it, Timmy's dad. You're Timmy's dad!
Mr. Turner: That kind of wisdom is hard to argue with! Come on, dog who isn't here! Drive me back to camp.

Kid: A dog hijacked our bus!
Dinkleberg: That's okay, I brought jetpacks!

Sparky: Hey Timmy.
Sparky: I would never eat you, Timmy. Besides, I just ate the dog food your mom made for dinner.
Timmy: That was meatloaf.
Sparky: Oooh. Then I took a bullet for you there.

(Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof appear)
Wanda: Sport, why are you so jumpy?
Timmy: Because I'm going to a camping trip with my Squirrely Scout troop and my dad is the troop leader!
(Everybody except Sparky screams)
Sparky: What's wrong with your dad?
Timmy: Every time we go on a camping trip, my dad puts us in terrible danger!

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