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Mr. Dinkleberg and his wife.

The Dinkleberg family is a family that lives in Dimmsdale next door to the Turner family. The only known members are Sheldon Dinkleberg and his wife, Mrs. Dinkleberg.


The Dinklebergs moved in next door to the Turners around the same time that Mr. Turner and Mrs. Turner (pregnant with Timmy) were buying their own home. The Dinklebergs got a nicer house for a better deal than the Turners, which immediately caused Mr. Turner to become jealous of his neighbor, although he had known and hated Dinkleberg since childhood.


Family Tree


Sheldon Dinkleberg
Mrs. Dinkleberg


  • The Dinkleberg's name is a reference to D.I.N.K., meaning Dual Income No Kids, which refers to married couples like the Dinklebergs who have large amounts of money due to not spending it on kids.

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