Dimmsdale Skatepark
Dimmsdale skatepark
Dimmsdale Skatepark
City: Dimmsdale
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Hex Games
Last Appearance:
  Hex Games
Destroyed In:
Temporarily by Vicky during Hex Games

The Dimmsdale Skate Park is a Skate Park located in Dimmsdale. It is the home of the Death Ramp, the largest ramp ever.


The Dimmsdale Skate Park is the main setting of the episode, "Hex Games". It has three ramps: the kids' ramp, the average ramp and the death ramp also referred to as "the big ramp" by Timmy.


Timmy wished himself to be good at skating and used it to show off. But when Vicky made it unfair to the kids by putting a height limit chart on the park, Timmy challenged Vicky into a contest to skate on all three ramps and the winner will become the new ruler of the skatepark. However, since he joined a competition, all of his skills went away.

Timmy got the crown and became the new king of the Skatepark, due to using magic to help him practice actually getting good at skating.

The announcers were Cosmo and Wanda. Francis also skated but disappeared after skating the big ramp and came back when Vicky said “Oh, you want this crown? You got better chances on a loser twelve-year-old asteroid falling from the sky and plowing me into the ground!!!” which coincidentally happened.


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