Dimmsdale Psychiatric Institute
City: Dimmsdale
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Additional Information
Also Known As:
  Dr. Fancyfree's Therapy for the Fairy-Impaired
  Dr. Phyllis Fancyfree (therapist)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Crocker Shocker
Destroyed In:
Crocker Shocker

The Dimmsdale Psychiatric Institute is a mental health treatment center. Dr. Phyllis Fancyfree works here and specializes in curing people who believe in Fairies.


Denzel Crocker was a patient at this clinic to Dr. Fancyfree, she was easily frustrated by his craziness and his spasms destroying her office. Another patient here was The Mayor of Dimmsdale, who was seeking counseling on his deteriorating friendship with Chompy the Goat after his goat meat convention incident.

Dr. Fancyfree was able to cure Mr. Crocker's obsession about fairies through hypnosis. However, this causes Fairy World's power to shut down since Crocker's spasming was the reason why the electricity and fairy power kept working. Later she assured the Mayor he didn't have to worry about his problem as she will use hypnosis on Chompy to make him forget that he learned that the Mayor went to a goat meat convention. She then notes that she created a fail-safe to avoid lawsuits. The fail-safe was the undoing of the hypnosis. In order to undo the hypnosis, the hypnotized victim must be told something that they would never ever hear at all by someone. Timmy learns of this through a window and uses this information to snap Crocker out of the hypnosis. Timmy and his friends tried to say things at Crocker to undo the hypnosis, but they don't work. Timmy then regretfully says to Crocker he is the best teacher ever. This undid the hypnosis, resulting in Crocker spasming and restoring power to Fairy World and the Fairies.

Crocker was later restrained by Fancyfree, who tried to use a new method of curing his obsession. To ensure Crocker is not cured, Timmy Turner and his fairies flew outside her window and put themselves in plain view for Fancyfree. Upon seeing actual fairies, Fancyfree starts flipping out and screaming "FAIRIES!" like Mr. Crocker while trashing her office. Crocker, who was restrained down by Fancyfree, then started cheering her on as she was spasming around the place.


The building is three stories tall and made out of brick, and is made up of two houses side by side with separate double door entrances to each. There is a pair of lights on each side of the doors. Inside of the building in Fancyfree's office is a typical psychiatric office, with a therapist chair and couch, bookshelves, and medical decorates such as a model of a human brain. The interior of the office was destroyed twice by people spazzing out about fairies, first by Mr. Crocker and then by Dr. Fancyfree herself.

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