Dimmsdale Police Department
Species: Human
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First Appearance:
  The Big Problem!
Last Appearance:
  Mayor May Not

The Dimmsdale Police Department (DPD) is the official law enforcement agency of the city of Dimmsdale.


When there is danger in the city, typically from one of Timmy's wishes, they do not do a good job preventing panic, and are in fact usually seen among the panicking people.


The police first appeared in the episode, "The Big Problem!", where they arrested an adult Timmy Turner for trying to beat up Francis (as it is against the law for adults to harm children). Timmy tried to plead to them that he was just a kid, but they did not believe him. Later, Vicky shows up to the police department to pick Timmy up, he has already wished himself back to a kid, so the officers let him go having no idea how he got in there in the first place.

They appear again in Inspection Detection, where they investigate reports of thievery and shop lifting at Wall 2 Wall Mart. They first assumed Timmy was the shoplifter due to the fact that he had stuff that matched the stuff stolen from the Wall 2 Wall Mart and he could not find an answer on where he got the said stuff (he did not want to expose Cosmo and Wanda as he was trying to help them pass an inspection). In the end Timmy was able to prove his innocence by showing them a videotape of Francis stealing a bin of lard and they found that Francis had all the stuff that was stolen from the Wall 2 Wall Mart in his pants. Francis was then arrested for questioning.

In School's Out!: The Musical, a police officer drops Francis off at Camp Learn-a-Torium along with other kids' parents, likely due to Francis' Dad being in jail at the time.

In Mayor May Not, the uniform for the Police Department becomes bunny suits, as requested by Mr. Turner. They are also seen directing traffic. Chloe wishes to help the officers and gets a bunny suit of her own.



  • Chloe wishes to help the police direct traffic in Mayor May Not and get their uniform, meaning that in that episode, she was an honorary police officer.
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