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Dimmsdale Pirates
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Odd Pirates
Last Appearance:
  Odd Pirates

The Dimmsdale Pirates are Dimmsdale's the local professional baseball team, who play their games at the Pirate Stadium. Both are similar to the Park PNC Park in PA Pittsburgh, PA and Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates. They are only seen in Odd Pirates.



They are tall, muscular men that wear gold coloured pirate outward uniforms, with gold hats and light grey undershirts. They all have 5 o'clock shadows.


They first appeared in Odd Pirates when every person in town except Timmy was going to one of the games at the Pirate Stadium. When Timmy accidentally wished real pirates into Dimmsdale, they immediately started heading toward this gold/gold colored stadium that was filled with gold-painted people because they thought it was real gold. Timmy pleaded with the Pirates baseball players to help drive off the pirates, and they started fighting the invading real pirates with baseball bats and balls.


  • The stadium named after them reappeared in a later episode without them.

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