Dimmsdale Mall
Dimmsdale Mall
City: Dimmsdale
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Boy Who Would Be Queen
Last Appearance:
  Married to the Mom
Destroyed In:
Wishology! (temporarily)

The Dimmsdale Mall is a shopping complex located in Dimmsdale. The popular kids are often seen shopping here.


The Dimmsdale Mall is a popular attraction for the residents of Dimmsdale, mainly teen and pre-teen girls. Mrs. Turner also visits this mall for sales, and gets into shopping cart races with Mrs. Hembel.


The mall is a typical shopping center that is at least two floors tall, as it has escalators in it as well as a water fountain. There are all sorts of stores at the mall.


When Timmy is unintentionally wished into a girl and becomes Timantha, he decides to go here to figure out what to get Trixie for her birthday. To his/her surprise, Timantha encounters Trixie in a comic book store disguised as a boy, Trixie is really actually a tomboy. Timantha and Trixie become best friends. Chester and A.J. were also at the mall to go to the arcade. Veronica was shopping alone here too, and somehow felt physical pain when Trixie tore up a photograph of her. After seeing Veronica come out of a stall in the boys' bathroom, Chester appeared to have temporarily gone insane since he stated "NOTHING MAKES SENSE ANYMORE!"

Breakin' Da Rules


Interior of the Mall

The Dimmsdale Mall also appears in a level of the video game, Breakin' Da Rules. Timmy is transformed into a dog by Vicky's wish, and is then later captured and brought to the pet store at the mall. Timmy escapes, but cannot wish himself back to normal because Tootie loves him as a dog. The player must avoid Tootie while collecting wish stars, until they can get to the mud baths of the mall where Timmy jumps into the mud, gets dirty, and splashes Tootie, causing her to no longer like doggy-Timmy and allowing Timmy to wish himself back to normal again.


K-Pow Soda! Stand


After Timmy had a bet with Wanda, consisting of him trying to live a day as Mrs. Turner, he had to go to a shop on sale. After buying a pair of socks, he was heading to the cashier, when Mrs. Hembel tried to grab them and crashed her grocery cart, but Squiggles appeared from the cart and grabbed one of Mrs. Hembel's cart's wheels, destroying it and sending her to K-Pow soda, making the big cup of soda explode, which made Dimmsdale Mall explode too. The "A" of Mall landed on Dimmsdale Elementary School, fortunately, everyone was outside.

Other Stores

  • Comix
  • Arcade
  • Baby Town
  • Go Wear
  • Train
  • Chocolates
  • Joi de Veja
  • Korean Barbecue
  • Beauty Salon
  • Shoes
  • Village Bicycle
  • Dumetz shoes
  • Electronics
  • Pot Shack
  • Shumagidale



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