Dimmsdale Losers
Organization Information
Chester McBadbat
Type of Organization:
Sports Team
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Foul Balled
Last Appearance:
  Foul Balled

The Dimmsdale Losers is a baseball team located in Dimmsdale.


The uniform color is white with red stripes. The team consists of several young players from Dimmsdale Elementary. Considering that the word "loser" is in their name, it is obvious that the players are not exceptionally skilled at baseball.


The Dimmsdale Losers is introduced in Foul Balled, where the team consists of Timmy, Chester, and several other people. Feeling sorry for Chester after he was deemed "The Worst Player on the Team" and pelted with trash by the audience, Timmy wishes that his friend would be the best baseball player in history. After Chester became amazingly skilled at the sport from Timmy's wish, he started becoming somewhat of an attention hog when he starts winning all the games for the team.

Later on in the episode, the Dimmsdale Losers face off in an exciting game with the New York Bankees. It is then revealed that since Chester was so magically talented at baseball, he has filled every position on his team, no longer requiring the help of his friends. After Timmy confronts Chester about him being a glory hog and a lousy friend, Chester retorts by saying that they are no longer friends, therefore reversing Timmy's wish since Timmy wished for his friend to be the best baseball player ever. Now possessing his usual bad luck at baseball, Chester strikes out over and over again, surrounded by baseballs and overwhelmed by the sudden loss in his talent. However, Timmy shows sympathy for Chester after seeing that Bucky McBadbat, Chester's dad, was in the crowd, hoping his son would bring respect back to the family. Timmy and the rest of the team decide to join Chester to give him a helping hand. Unfortunately, they were still losing miserably to the Bankees, so Timmy comes up with another plan. While Chester was pitching for the Bankees, Timmy attempted to distract the batter, but to no avail. As the batter smacked the ball up into the air, all the Dimmsdale Losers charged at it, only to get tangled amongst each other in a huge mess. After bouncing on Chester's head, the ball then bounces into Timmy's hat and the Dimmsdale Losers win the game.

Known Players

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