Dimmsdale High School
Vicky's school (classroom building, from among other buildings)
City: Dimmsdale
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Where's the Wand?
Last Appearance:
  A Bad Case Of Diary-Uh!

Dimmsdale High School is an educational institution with a campus and buildings and sports fields. Vicky is a student there. High school includes grades 9 through 12.


Dimmsdale High School is the public higher education institution in Dimmsdale. The only familiar student is Vicky. Other characters such as Vicky's boyfriend named Winston Dunsworth have briefly appeared.


The structure somewhat resembles Dimmsdale Elementary School, but it is beige colored instead of white and purple, and the tower at the front looks like a castle tower. The school has an auditorium for school dances, as well as a football and soccer field. A sign outside the school reads "Home of the Dodo's" which is probably the name of their football team.

In its original Oh Yeah! Cartoons appearance, the high school building appeared near the parking lot. (That was probably the building with the auditorium which was used as a gym and hosted a school costume dance from among other buildings on the campus.) That building appeared red and had an arching roof with glass panel windows.


Dimmsdale High School first appeared in "Where's the Wand?", hosting a costume dance. Vicky unknowingly used Wanda's wand during the party, luckily only to improve the food and music for the benefit and enjoyment of the students. A magical poof splashed food which stained her costume until she washed the stain.


Dimmsdale High School Gym as it appeared in Oh Yeah! Cartoons.

The high school was the central setting of "A Bad Case Of Diary-Uh!", when Timmy Turner went there to spy on Vicky and use things from her diary against her, mainly her crush on a foreign exchange student named Winston Dunsworth. Vicky is also seen trying out to be a cheerleader in an outdoor area near the school with stands, although her efforts are sabotaged by Timmy. Timmy later learns the consequence of ruining Vicky's chances with Winston (which was having a group of more eviler people than Vicky to babysit him) and tries to fix things by using Winston's fear of the color pink to get Vicky to save him and so that he would fall in love with her. Timmy is beaten to a pulp during this as Vicky found out that Timmy read her diary to find out about this. Despite all this Winston still will not go with Vicky as she still didn't accomplish at becoming a cheerleader. Although Timmy and Wanda got beaten up, they told a group of men, it was time for "the hunt" which were they were going to use get back at Cosmo.


Known Students

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