Dimmsdale's Gym
World: Earth
Additional Information
  Billy Blanks
Vicky (former)
Jorgen Von Strangle (former)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Kung Timmy
Last Appearance:
  Jerk of All Trades

Dimmsdale Gym is a gym in Dimmsdale.


The Dimmsdale Gym is a place where people exercise which appeared in four episodes.


In Kung Timmy, Timmy wandered into the gym to beat up a few people who were exercising. Billy was impressed with Timmy's work, and told Timmy to "give him five". Timmy though he meant a high-five, until Billy said "...hundred push ups", and then made Timmy do push ups with cinder-blocks on his back, slashed by Billy while playing piano with bare left foot.

In Where's Wanda?, Francis was beating on a punching bag with Timmy's likeness painted on it. Francis denies that he stole the godfish and punches the bag so hard that it falls down on Timmy.

In Vicky Gets Fired, it is one of the places where Vicky is determined to get a job at. She was of course fired for firing a cannon.

In Jerk of All Trades, Jorgen went here to find a new job. He tried making Mr. Crocker fit by giving him a gym lifting equipment but failed. The equipment was too heavy for Mr. Crocker, and he fell down through the floor.  Jorgen was subsequently fired.



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