Dimmsdale Flats
City: Dimmsdale Outskirts
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Additional Information
  Population 200
Vicky the Kid (past)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Odd, Odd West
Last Appearance:
  Channel Chasers (mentioned only)
Destroyed In:
Odd Odd West

Dimmsdale Flats is a ghost town located on the Outskirts of Dimmsdale.


Dimmsdale Flats was once the bustling center of Dimmsdale in the late 19th century, but the deed was lost when the town babysitter Vicky the Kid took the deed as payment, because everyone in the town was too dirt poor to pay for their kids’ babysitting otherwise. Although Timmy managed to travel back in time and secure the deed (by hiding it in a computer manual since nobody reads the manual), the town was still destroyed by Doug Dimmadome after he paid Mr. Turner eight dollars for the deed. The town is mentioned again in "Channel Chasers", when Doug Dimmadome remembers all the good and bad things Timmy did that involved him. It was founded or at least owned at one point by Wild B. Hartman.


The town resembles a typical old west town with dirt roads, saloons, and old wooden buildings lined up side by side. There is no law in the town until Timmy shows up one day and disguises himself as "The Masked Stranger" (with Wanda as his Indian girl partner and Cosmo as his steer (it was supposed to be steed, but Cosmo misinterpreted Timmy's quote)), and then drives Vicky the Kid away by trapping her in a barrel and rolling it down the road out of town. Sometime after that, the town becomes abandoned, and by the present it has become a rundown dust bowl filled with dilapidated buildings.


The deed to ownership of the Dimmsdale Flats.


Many of the inhabitants of Dimmsdale Flats are carbon copy "ancestors" of several different characters. There are four children who look and act exactly like Chester, A.J., Elmer, and Sanjay who are their ancestors. There is also a babysitter who terrorizes the town and the children who looks exactly like Vicky known as Vicky the Kid. All of these characters speak with a western slang, such as "Ya'll reckon?".



A panoramic shot of Dimmsdale Flats back in its heyday.

Dimmsdale Flats was the central location in the episode, "Odd, Odd West".


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