• This is the first time Chloe temporarily loses Cosmo and Wanda.
    • It’s revealed that due to them sharing, if either Timmy or Chloe do something to lose Cosmo or Wanda, both will lose them.
  • The episode made its Nickelodeon debut on April 3, 2018.[1]
  • In Da Rule book there’s a picture of Timmy Turner as an adult from the episode The Big Problem!.
  • International Airdates:
    • This episode premiered in Germany on November 8, 2016.
    • This episode premiered in Latin America on February 6, 2017.
    • This episode premiered in the Philippines on March 9, 2017.

Running Gags

  • People commenting on Chloe's "mom jeans".
  • Chloe being called a "creepy adult".


  • This is the second time a godchild wishes to be an adult, the first being Timmy in the Season 1 episode, "The Big Problem!".
    • An image of Timmy's adult form from that episode is shown the Da Rules when Jorgen comes to take Cosmo and Wanda away.
    • The "creepy adult" gag also returns in this episode.


  • Both Clark and Connie in their kid forms are shown at moments to have gap teeth like that of their daughter.
  • When Chloe was bounced out of the bouncing castle, you could hear her screaming but her mouth was closed.


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