Dimmsdale Beach
City: Dimmsdale
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
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  Elvis Presley
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  Married to the Mom

The Dimmsdale Beach is the favorite place for Dimmsdale citizens to go for summer vacation. The beach is also a popular spot during the summer for cooling off.


A spot for residents who want to swim or sunbathe during the summer, this beach has been the focal point of one episode and an important getaway in several others. It's existence is somewhat strange, as Dimmsdale has been shown to be a landlocked city on several maps and long range zoom outs, and the beach is clearly an ocean beach as opposed to on a lake.


This sandy beach is shown to have palm trees, and a boardwalk with stores and restaurants. There are occasionally surf contests held.


Timmy Turner and several of his friends visited this beach, where they were bullied by Francis. Timmy wished to be the biggest thing on the beach, and grew huge muscles, so that he could fight off Francis, but when a whale beached onto the shore, Timmy was turned into a huge hulk. After being covered with green sea weed, Timmy was hunted by a Sea Monster patrol force, but he wished himself back to normal after finding his godparents and hiding themselves in a bunch of umbrellas. When the Patrol Force opened the umbrellas that were shielding him, Timmy says they are a waste of money and they turn away. He then threw some seaweed over Francis and tricked the Sea Monster patrol into thinking Francis was the monster instead. Elvis Presley also lives here in hiding, buried beneath the sands. Mr. Bickles also attempted to open up a crab restaurant on the beach, but it was destroyed by Sea Monster Timmy.



  • In some episodes, Dimmsdale is shown to be a landlocked city, but in other episodes, it has a beach and it is clearly next to an ocean.

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