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Dimmsdale Ballhogs
Organization Information
Doug Dimmadome
Flash Williams
Smooth Daley
Type of Organization:
Sports Team
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Odd Ball
Last Appearance:
  Odd Ball

The Dimmsdale Ballhogs are a professional basketball team that plays in the Dimmsdale Dimmadome. Their owner is Doug Dimmadome Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome. They appeared in the episode Odd Ball, and are mentioned in the episode "Channel Chasers".


When Timmy needed money to buy a new V-Cube (a parody of GameCube), he became the new ball boy of the Dimmsdale's basketball team "The Ballhogs" (as their last Ball Boy got knocked out unintentionally by the dart that Timmy tried to throw at a newspaper), also known as the most selfish team in the league (they will not even get up to play the game). If they lose one more time, they will get shipped off to the Alaskan Basketball league.

Timmy must now help them win for the benefit of him and the Ball Hogs. Timmy became really tall due to a wish and was able to get things evened out in the game, however he soon found out he can't use his new power during the last few minutes of the game. Timmy then had to get unintentional help from the Ball Hogs. With this he was able to win them a game. Timmy then used the same unintentional help from the Ball Hogs to get them more victories as well as encourage them to participate in a basketball game instead of being very selfish.

After Timmy got the money for a V-Cube, he became regular height again. Timmy unfortunately then found out he can't become tall again due to him specifically saying in his wish that he does not want to become very freakishly tall after getting the money for a V-Cube. Timmy then had to enlist the help of the Ball Hogs and get them to share the ball for the game so that they will not go to Alaska. It works and the Ball Hogs successfully win the game as well as the trophy that came with the victory.

Timmy and the Ball Hogs then declared to the press that they are not going to Alaska. Timmy bought a V-Cube with the money, but gave it to his dad since he learned so much about sharing through his time with the Ball Hogs.

Known Ballhogs


  • A ball hog is a basketball term that refers to anyone who does not pass the ball or act as a team player.