Dimmsdale Airport
City: Dimmsdale
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Where's Wanda?
Last Appearance:
  Man's Worst Friend (mentioned)

The Dimmsdale Airport is where planes land and depart in Dimmsdale.


Dimmsdale has a local airport which has appeared as a setting in several episodes, although it is usually always brief and always somewhere on the runway.


Timmy Turner confronted Trixie Tang on the runway of the airport in "Where's Wanda?" after he had come to suspect she had stolen goldfish-form Wanda. Timmy figured out Trixie was innocent when he was told there were no pets allowed on the plane she was about to board. The scene was a parody of the film, Casablanca. All of the planes seen here resemble planes from the 1940s.

In "Lights Out", after Timmy Turner wished for no lights for 12 hours and a torch of he had to go to the bathroom, Wanda narrated him a legend about the Scary Fairies, in which after 8 hours with no light fairies turn into vicious monsters who want to eat their godchild, but Timmy thinks Wanda told him that to get back at him for scaring Poof. 8 hours later he was in a cauldron about to be eaten and escaped from the house, and his fairies crashed him with a bus and a train, and the impact threw him to the airport, were a plane driven by Cosmo and Wanda called Fairy Air grabbed Timmy's pajama with a wheel and took him to the sky. Eventually the pajama broken and he landed on a trampoline of Trampoline Emporium.

In "Dimmsdale Tales", it appeared in the second story of the episode where Mr. Turner was sent on a vacation from Mr. Ed Leadly but then Sheldon Dinkleberg came by so Mr. Turner had to choose an airplane to escape from Dinkleberg. Unfortunately, the plane is surrounded by Dinklebergs everywhere. After the plane ride was over, Mr. Turner ran and bumped into Denzel Crocker who is taking a vacation getting away from his mother. Mr. Turner warned Crocker that the plane is haunted by Dinklebergs but he didn't believe him. When Crocker went inside the plane, there were Dolores-Day Crocker everywhere unfortunately.


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