Dimmadelphia Cable
City: Dimmsdale
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Additional Information
Owned By:
  Doug Dimmadome
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Channel Chasers
Last Appearance:
  Channel Chasers

Dimmadelphia Cable building is where the cable television for the city of Dimmsdale is provided. The building also has a studio with cameras, for local broadcasting.


Dimmadelphia Cable is yet another business owned and operated by Doug Dimmadome. It is a setting of several important scenes in the television movie Channel Chasers. The Dimmadelphia Cable company is only referenced in the movie and is not seen or mentioned again after it.


The building has an underground parking lot, an office with a desk and many television monitors behind it, and a broadcasting studio with cameras. Outside there is an entrance ramp to the parking lot, as well as several large broadcasting dishes. The building itself is a purple color, and is surrounded by a chain link fence.


The exterior of the cable company building.


In the television movie, "Channel Chasers", when Timmy ran away from home by hiding in the world of television, Mr. and Mrs. Turner went looking for him. They were guided here by Tootie in disguise, who provided them with information on Vicky's meanness, afterward Mr. and Mrs. Turner decided to try to reach Timmy by broadcasting a message to him on television, because they realized that wherever he was he was likely in front of a TV. When they tried to persuade Doug Dimmadome to help them, he began to debate with himself whether to help the Turners or throw them out since Timmy helped him in some cases, but opposed him in other ones. While he was doing this, Mr. and Mrs. Turner decided to act anyways, and used the local broadcasting studio to reach Timmy so they could apologize to him. After defeating Vicky, Timmy sees the message that his parents gave out from the studio and comes out from the TV world to reunite with them and apologize to them. Doug then had security throw them out of the building, but they didn't mind since the family was together again. Doug then notes that Timmy did teach him all that was inside of him.


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