Deserted Island
World: Earth
Additional Information
  The Turners (temporarily)

An Elf (temporarily) Timmy's Fairies (temporarily)

Production Information
First Appearance:
  Dad Overboard
Last Appearance:
  Dad Overboard
Destroyed In:
Dad Overboard

The deserted island is an island located somewhere on the Pacific Ocean.


After Mr. Turner got lost (again), his car fell off a cliff and landed on a whale, who squirted them on to this island. There, Mr. Turner tried to make a boat to get away, but after being affected by the sunlight, he went crazy and went through the hardest way to build a boat. First, he built a hardware store to get the tools to build a boat store, and then he built a clerk to buy the boat from. After he accidentally beheaded Eduardo, his coconut head destroyed all of the boats and the store, so he had nothing but his hybrid car to save them and used it. Meanwhile, Cosmo and Poof had found a bomb that the military had lost there and accidentally activated it, so it released a magnetic field that attracted the fairies' wands and interfered with their magic. From that point on, Dad was the only one who could save everyone, and he did. Unfortunately, the bomb exploded and the island went with it.

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