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Quote by the character
Der Rolling Hösen

Gender: Male
Species: Human
      Rangitoto (Drummer)
      Bud (Accordion Player)
      Raw Umber (Entire Band (after wish))
Eye color:       Pewter (Accordion Player (before wish))
Personal Information
  Dimmsdale High School
  Dimmsdale (most likely)
  Each Other
  Playing Music
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Where's the Wand?
Last Appearance:
  Where's the Wand?

Der Rolling Hösen is a band that is only featured in Where's the Wand?.



Before Vicky's Wish

The entire band wears lederhosen.

The tuba player is fairly skinny with Brown Derby hair.

The accordion player is a fat man with Bud-colored hair and pewter-colored eyes. During Where's the Wand?, he appears uninterested in playing music.

The drummer is a fairly skinny man with Rangitoto-colored hair.

After Vicky's Wish

They all look identical to each other, except for their shirts. They all have long, Raw Umber hair.

The former tuba player wears a gumbo-colored shirt.

The former accordion player wears a Tamarillo-colored shirt.

The drummer wears a Waikawa Gray shirt.


They are the original band that plays at the dance at Dimmsdale High School. Vicky does not like the band and, with Wanda's wand, unknowingly changes the band into one that plays rock and roll.

Soon, after Cosmo attempts to get the wand by flirting with Vicky. He successfully makes her faint. However, Wanda steps in and yells at him. Cosmo then changes the band to a jazz band.


Their name is most likely a parody of The Rolling Stones.