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"No! My fairies!"

”So, What kind of Fairy are you?”

”What is wrong with you besides everything!?”

”You're right. HAVE A NICE DAY!!!"

”Gahhhh, What is wrong with you!?”

"Argh!! The CrockBot-9000!!"

"It's Captain Crocker!"

”It’s Turner Time!”

"Curse you, stupid talking car!"

"FAIRY GODPARENTS!" (repeated line)


"Good news, Turner, you've taken F to a new level! I'm going to give you A SUPER F!"

"Those people would assume it's the work of the hacker..."

"If they survive, they're FAIRIES! If they don't, I have TENURE!"

"There's only one explanation: Turner must have ignored Tootie's multiple birthday invitations, thus ruining her birthday. Feeling guilty, he impulsively loans her his FAIRY GODPARENTS!"

"Is it a D? Is it an E? No! It's Super F!!!"

"It's an F-a-palooza!"

"Curse this obsolete one month old technology!"

"Welcome, Internuts, to Crock Talk!"

"Hey, Turner exploded! That's one less mouth to teach!"

[Principal Waxelplax has locked everyone inside the classroom] "No! I can't be locked in a room with children! I'm not a people person! I'm barely a person!" [ducks behind his desk] "HELP!"

Denzel Crocker: "Stupid two bit room! Stupid two bit van! Stupid two bit life!"
Crocker's Mother: "Denzel! Would you like your stupid two bit dessert? I made your stupid two bit favorite!"

Denzel Crocker: (to Jimmy Neutron) "Another reality avoidance costume, eh Turner? Very well. Since you're clearly Timmy Turner, here's your daily F!!"
Jimmy: "AHHHHH!! An F!! IT BURNS, Auggggh!!"

"Good news children, the F's are in! Mmmm, smell those hot, fresh F's!"

"What? This is impossible! A.J. got every answer wrong! This is the kind of grade I would expect to give Turner... who got an A! This has to be the work of... FAIRY GODPARENTS!"


"This time I know it's the phone."

"Thank you, Timmy Turner. You've just invented Super F!"

"And I will finally prove the exsistent of FAIRY GODPARENTS!"

"Curse you, Mother!"

"High marks for the Death-to-Turner motif."

"Goodnight Mother! I'm off to hunt fairies.....disguised as aliens!"

"Excuse me while I hit my head while changing all of Turner's F's to A. OW! A! OW! A! OW! A!"

[while high on sugar, extremely fast] "F, F, F, F, F, A for A.J., F! And now I'm off to run a marathon! But first...FAIRY GODPARENTS! FAIRY GODPARENTS! FAIRY GODPARENTS!"

Crocker's Clone: "There's no escape Mr. Turner."
Crocker's Clone #2: "Oh, I should have said that."
Crocker's Clone: "No, I should!"
Crocker: "Oh, we're gorgeous. So what!"

Crocker: "Riddle me this, class! How does a 23-year-old man still manage to stay in the fifth grade all these years? How does he do it? How is it even possible, hmmm?"
Katie: "Oh boy, here we go."
Crocker: "Yes! [snaps fingers] Now I remember! He has... (all students covering their ears) FAIRY GODPARENTS!! FAIRY GODPARENTS!! FAIRY GODPARENTS!! Ohh..."

"Oh, they will, Turner. See, I know you're remaining childlike in order to keep your FAIRIES! But I'll play along with your game, 'cause soon I will catch them. And then, it will be I, Mr. Denzel Crocker, who will be making the wishes around here!!! [the students stare at him] Heh. Go on... make a wish. I dare you. "

"And that's what the erudites call EXISTENTIALISM!!"

"Fairy godparents exist.. Yes they do!"

"Go Timmy's dad!"

Timmy: "Why is he screaming?"
Crocker: "Because he was wrong, and he got an F like you!"

Crocker: [speaking on the phone in a deep voice] "I hear your perfect plan just got un-perfect. If you want answers, meet me tonight, 8-ish, in the Alley, corner of Hall and Oates."
Crocker's Mother: "Denzel, who are you talking to?"
Crocker: [in his regular voice] "Quiet, mother! I'm on the phone using my voice disguiser!"
Crocker's mother: "But your mac and cheese is ready!"
Crocker: "Oh boy! Mac and-- [deep voice] I mean, uh, come alone."

Magnate: "These [photos] are from today, when everything went... funny."
Crocker: "Not funny. FAIRY! These are his fairies. His fairies are the key to your success... or failure."
Magnate: "Hmm. [chuckles] Incredible. And to think, I thought you were crazy."
Crocker: "Ehh, creepy. Not crazy."

"Look at the man-child go. Pathetic how he won't grow up. Despicable how he revels in his childish bubble of no responsibilities. But without his fairies, his cushy, carefree life... is over."

"Hahahaha! Thanks to my Atomic Fairy Incarcerator, I'll show that Timmy Turner that I now have possession of his... FAIRY... GODPARENTS!"

Crocker:"Can't wait to see the look on Timmy Turner's face when we use the FAIRY! Incarcerator. And turn the power of his own FAIRIES! against him. Heheheheh!"
Tootie: "What fairies? ...Mr. Crocker, is that you?"
Crocker: [using the voice disguiser] "Uh, no! It's, um, Jim... Jim... Dinglewhipple?"

"Wait! I thought we had something special! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!"

"Aaaaah! It's true! Still falling! Aaaah! And I've got the pinkeye!"

"Ahh. Everything ends at Turner's."

Women. I think I should try to find something more realistic. Come on Unicorns!

"I got it! We were in Hoboken!"

"Who knew reindeer poop was so sparkly?"

"Oh, poopie."

"I smell like cow butt!"

Mr. Crocker: "The 92 is...wait for it....an F!!!!!!!!!!"
Timmy: "HOW CAN I FAIL WITH A 92!!!!!?????"
Mr. Crocker: "It's because of the bell curve. Everybody got a 93 or above, but you got a 92, so that 92...is an F!!!!!!!!!!"

"Must get out of the park alive, must get out of the park alive! IT'S AN APOCALYPSE!!!!"

"And now, I drink your milkshake!"

(On Poof speaking) "Woah, it speaks!"

"Hyperventilating!" (Blows on his bag 3 times) "Egg Salad Fumes not helping. Mother" (Faints)

(Imtiates Poof's babbling) "That's what I thought!"

Foop: "Ah! A human!"
Crocker: "Them! Fairies!" (faints)
Mr. Crocker