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Transparents! Transparents!
Crocker is shown watching children's show and tells. When Timmy brings an actual dinosaur for show and tell, Crocker realizes that Timmy must have gotten it from fairies. Crocker then asks for a parent teacher conference, but Timmy quickly has his godparents pose as his parents. Crocker tries to expose them, but fails each time due to dumb luck. When he finds Chester and A.J. looking for the dinosaur, he promises they can enslave the Earth if he gets the dinosaur. However when he gets the dinosaur Timmy quickly uses a wish to replace the dinosaur with Mange. Crocker is then punished by Waxelplax due to him trapping her in a toilet paper cocoon. Crocker swears to Timmy that he will get Timmy's godparents and that they can't keep him here forever. He speaks too soon as Waxelplax then falls into one of Crocker's earlier failed traps, much to Timmy's delight.
Smarty Pants Smarty Pants
Timvisible Timvisible
On the last day of school, Crocker correctly suspects that Timmy has turned himself invisible using fairies, and using a Heat-Seeking Fairy Suit, tries to hunt down invisible Timmy and his fairies. Crocker's invention works and allows him to see Timmy, but Wanda beats him up and Timmy is wished back to normal before Crocker can grab him and prove he was invisible to the school.
Twistory Twistory
Cameo Appearance in the classroom at the end.
Deja Vu Deja Vu
Information Stupor Highway Information Stupor Highway
Timmy wishes himself into the Internet and ends up in Crocker's computer. While spying on Crocker undergoing a humiliating dress-fitting ritual with his elderly mother, Timmy makes an audible noise in Crocker's computer, getting his attention. Crocker suspects Timmy is a computer virus and sends several after Timmy, and another to spy on Timmy's computer. Crocker's virus successfully collects video data of Cosmo and Wanda carelessly using magic, but Timmy intercepts and destroys the data before it can be uploaded using Crocker's other viruses. Timmy then uploads the Crocker dress fitting footage he captured earlier to the entire world, humiliating Crocker, who is also arrested when A.J. and the government trace the viruses back to him.
Cosmo Con Cosmo Con
After Timmy gets an A in class, despite having doodled, Crocker visits his parent's house to find his fairies or evidence thereof.
Abra-Catastrophe! Abra-Catastrophe!
In the first TV movie of the Series, Denzel Crocker steals Timmy's magic muffin and makes Dimmsdale into Slavesdale. He becomes an authoritarian leader in this new world order he's made and captures Wanda. After escaping Crocker at Dimmsdale Elementary, Timmy fights Crocker in the wasteland of Slavesdale. When Turner is on the ropes, Cosmo takes his place but is soon overpowered by Crocker. Crocker next battles Timmy in extra-dimensional space, then ancient Egypt, and on a subatomic scale. After Timmy frees Cosmo and Wanda from Crocker's scepter, Crocker threatens to harm Timmy's parents. Pursuing him to the Turner house, Timmy admits he has fairy godparents and Crocker is defeated.
Most Wanted Wish Most Wanted Wish
The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker! The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker!
As the title states, this is the backstory to Denzel Crocker and his obsession with fairies.
Which Witch is Which? Which Witch is Which?
Although Crocker himself does not appear in this episode, Alden Bitteroot is the central villain and has all of Crocker's looks and mannerisms, with the exception that Bitteroot is obsessed with witches as opposed to fairies. In actuality, Bitteroot himself was a witch. It is unknown if Bitteroot is an ancestor of Crocker.
Pipe Down! Pipe Down!
Mind Over Magic Mind Over Magic
Crocker senses that Timmy can read minds, assumes his fairy godparents are responsible, and creates a metal dome-shaped helmet that deflects Timmy's ability. Crocker nearly breaks Timmy into admitting his fairy godparents with the dome.
Shelf Life Shelf Life
Crocker appears at the beginning of the special to assign Timmy and the other students their summer reading. After mocking his students, Crocker dons summer garb and drives off on the ground in a jet-ski. At the end of the special, Crocker fails all the other students due to changes that Timmy's adventure had on the books that they had written about, while Timmy manages to get a rare A on his report, much to Crocker's dismay.
Mr. Right! Mr. Right!
Appears at the beginning berating his class with an art appreciation exercise and later falls witness and victim to Turner's 'always right' wish.
The Big Superhero Wish! The Big Superhero Wish!
Emotion Commotion! Emotion Commotion!
Appears relaxing in a pool at the beginning. Later Crocker replays a video to humiliate Timmy. Crocker also projects a hologram to tell Turner he failed.
New Squid In Town! New Squid In Town!
Genie Meanie Minie Mo Genie Meanie Minie Mo
Nega-Timmy Nega-Timmy
You Doo You Doo
Just Desserts! Just Desserts!
Crocker like Chet Ubetcha declares that he will run a marathon after Timmy's wish gives him an extreme sweet tooth. Whether he did is debatable as he along with everyone save Mark Chang later appear rotundly obese. In such shape, Crocker illustrates the peril Earth will soon befall given the towering obesity rate caused by Timmy's über-dessert wish.
Birthday Wish! Birthday Wish!
It's A Wishful Life It's A Wishful Life
Back to the Norm Back to the Norm
Remy Rides Again Remy Rides Again
During his regular assault on Timmy, Crocker is rebuked by Stephen Hawking after Timmy says 2+2=5. He reappears in a closing segment, chasing after Hawking claiming the answer is six.
The Masked Magician The Masked Magician
Mooooving Day! Mooooving Day!
What's The Difference? What's The Difference?
Smart Attack! Smart Attack!
Operation F.U.N. Operation F.U.N.
Presto Change-O Presto Change-O
Mr. Crocker is once again pursuing his passion to find fairy godparents at Timmy's house after Turner wishes up a joybuzzer that switches their identities.
Future Lost Future Lost
Fairy Idol Fairy Idol
Timmy the Barbarian! Timmy the Barbarian!
No Substitute For Crazy! No Substitute For Crazy!
Jimmy Timmy Power Hour Jimmy Timmy Power Hour
When Nerds Collide! When Nerds Collide!
The Jerkinators! The Jerkinators!
Hairicane Hairicane
Open Wide and Say Aaagh! Open Wide and Say Aaagh!
Appears as a patient with a broken back. After Cosmo cures him of his malady, Denzel Crocker leaps over a candlestick and out a window where individual and injury reunite. More to the point, he broke his back again.
For Emergencies Only For Emergencies Only
Cheese & Crockers Cheese & Crockers
The End of the Universe-ity The End of the Universe-ity
Dread 'N' Breakfast Dread 'N' Breakfast
Birthday Bashed Birthday Bashed
Wishology! Wishology!
Anti-Poof Anti-Poof
Formula For Disaster Formula For Disaster
Crocker uses Timmy's grades to force him into a boot camp, run by Crocker with the intent of breaking him in disclosing Cosmo and Wanda. He fails to even get Timmy out of his house.
Bad Heir Day Bad Heir Day
Fly Boy Fly Boy
Crocker as an unintentional antagonist, when he releases his spiders, Donnie and Marie to hunt around his room. Normally, this would not be dangerous, unless Timmy was the "Fly Boy" and had buzzed onto Donnie and Marie's turf.
Crocker Shocker Crocker Shocker
Dadbra-Cadabra Dadbra-Cadabra
Denzel Crocker suspects Timmy's Dad is a fairy after the latter pulls off a good magic act and breaks his mediocre record at being a magician. He nearly succeeds until Timmy wishes Crocker into a fairy. At first embarrassed and later elated, Crocker takes flight through the moonlit heavens only to come falling down after Timmy wishes for him to be normal again.
Chicken Poofs Chicken Poofs
Stupid Cupid Stupid Cupid
Teacher's Pet Teacher's Pet
In one of his funniest episodes, Denzel Crocker comes across a guinea pig, (unaware that Timmy wished to be a teacher's pet and Poof granted his wish literally). Crocker tests a gene splicer on Timmy to determine if it was worth the effort to make a device to become a fairy-catching monster. Timmy lives, and Crocker assumes the hot seat and becomes a Persian Bumble Chipidillo Hound. Crocker's reasoning was to have the nose of a bloodhound, the wings of a bumblebee, the armor of an armadillo, and the cheeks of a chipmunk to respectively sniff out, fly after, shield him, and store fairies for the purpose of draining their magic into him (he wanted the hair of a Persian cat to be a "real chick magnet"). He captures seven fairies as the goofy form he made but Timmy reverts Crocker back into a human and the fairies and test animals are set loose on the teacher. Crocker survives to plot another day naturally.
Manic Mom-Day Manic Mom-Day
Supporting Character
Crocker of Gold Crocker of Gold
Old Man and the C- Old Man and the C-
Take and Fake Take and Fake
Lights Out Lights Out
Supporting Character
Dad Overboard Dad Overboard
Witness to a military exercise on an island where the Turners are beached. Crocker and his students watch from a television in his classroom.
Crock Talk Crock Talk
Timmy's Secret Wish! Timmy's Secret Wish!
Crocker first makes a cameo in the first half in the footage of Timmy's wish of everyone having a stinger, where he is eager to sting his mother with his new stinger.

In the second half, after Timmy's secret wish of magically stopping time to keep Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof forever is revealed, resulting in him losing his godparents and his memory of them, all his wishes (including Poof) being undone, and everyone in the world aging by 50 years, he runs into Crocker on the park bench, whose appearance hasn't changed due to the trauma of losing his fairies; when he mentions this, Timmy, who had his memory of his godparents erased, has it jumpstarted by this. Crocker agrees to help Timmy enter Fairy World in exchange for prunes and a bran muffin. Once there, they, along with Cosmo, Wanda, and Jorgen, venture into the Hocus Poconos to rescue Poof, Foop, Dark Laser, and the Crimson Chin; there, he almost gets eaten by Chuckles the Fairy Eating Cockatiel, but Poof saves him. When Timmy is left behind in the Hocus Poconos while distracting Chuckles to save the others, Crocker mentions that he'll miss him, saying that stalking him and giving him F's gave him purpose in life. After Timmy manages to convince the Fairy Council he isn't the worst fairy godkid ever by explaining the reason behind his secret wish and has everything undone, he specifically thanks Crocker for helping him get his fairies back and undo the damage of his secret wish.

A running gag throughout the final quarter of the episode is Crocker believing the gang is in New Jersey, and trying to figure out which New Jerseyan city they're in.

Invasion of the Dads Invasion of the Dads
When Losers Attack When Losers Attack
Crocker was a "loser" planning to destroy Timmy.
A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!
Crocker is still Timmy Turner's fifth grade teacher after nearly thirteen years. He is played in live action by David Lewis.
A Fairly Odd Christmas A Fairly Odd Christmas
Crocker returns to terrorize Timmy, Tootie, and the faries on Christmas. He is played in live action by David Lewis.
Turner & Pooch Turner & Pooch
Crocker hypnotizes Sparky to turn him against Timmy.
Dumbbell Curve Dumbbell Curve
Mr. Crocker tells Timmy that he has to go to summer school.
The Terrible Twosome The Terrible Twosome
He is used as Poof and Foop's "test subject".
App Trap App Trap
Force of Nature Force of Nature
Viral Vidiots Viral Vidiots
Denzel attempts to capture Mrs. Turner, due to thinking she is a Breakfast Troll.
Scary GodCouple Scary GodCouple
He helps Vicky and Foop capture Timmy's fairies, by lending them equipment.
Turner Back Time Turner Back Time
Cosmonopoly Cosmonopoly
A Boy and His Dog-Boy A Boy and His Dog-Boy
Crock Blocked Crock Blocked
Weirdos on a Train Weirdos on a Train
Let Sleeper Dogs Lie Let Sleeper Dogs Lie
Lame Ducks Lame Ducks
A Perfect Nightmare A Perfect Nightmare
Desperate Without Housewives Desperate Without Housewives
Denzel Crocker in a rare alliance with Timmy, his dad, and Cosmo, wish to be free of their wives' and mothers' nagging.
Jerk of All Trades Jerk of All Trades
Snack Attack Snack Attack
Turning Into Turner Turning Into Turner
Crocker's gene-splicer is back and this time he plans to use Timmy's DNA to mimic Turner. Once again, his plan goes awry.
The Wand That Got Away The Wand That Got Away
Fairly Old Parent Fairly Old Parent
School of Crock School of Crock
Dimmsdale Tales Dimmsdale Tales
Man's Worst Friend Man's Worst Friend
A Fairly Odd Summer A Fairly Odd Summer
The Big Fairy Share Scare The Big Fairy Share Scare
Whittle Me This Whittle Me This
Mayor May Not Mayor May Not
Birthday Battle Birthday Battle
The Fair Bears The Fair Bears
Return of the L.O.S.E.R.S. Return of the L.O.S.E.R.S.
A Sash and a Rash A Sash and a Rash
Animal Crockers Animal Crockers
One Flu Over the Crocker's Nest One Flu Over the Crocker's Nest
Booby Trapped Booby Trapped
Blue Angel Blue Angel
Marked Man Marked Man
Clark Laser Clark Laser
Married to the Mom Married to the Mom
Nuts & Dangerous Nuts & Dangerous
Fairy Con Fairy Con
Spring Break-Up Spring Break-Up
Dimmsdale Daze Dimmsdale Daze
Chip off the Old Crock! Chip off the Old Crock!
Summer Bummer Summer Bummer
Hare Raiser Hare Raiser
Dadlantis Dadlantis
Chloe Rules! Chloe Rules!
Crockin' The House Crockin' The House
Tardy Sauce Tardy Sauce
Dimmsdale's Got Talent? Dimmsdale's Got Talent?
Certifiable Super Sitter Certifiable Super Sitter
Goldie-Crocks and the Three Fair Bears Goldie-Crocks and the Three Fair Bears
Fancy Schmancy Fancy Schmancy
Beast of Friends Beast of Friends

Mentions and Cameos

Tiny Timmy! Tiny Timmy!
Dream Goat! Dream Goat!
The Big Scoop The Big Scoop
Channel Chasers Channel Chasers
Go Young, West Man! Go Young, West Man!
Five Days of F.L.A.R.G. Five Days of F.L.A.R.G.
Escape From Unwish Island Escape From Unwish Island
His name appears on the Fairy World Unwish Storage.
Hassle in the Castle Hassle in the Castle
Timmy Turnip Timmy Turnip
One Man Banned One Man Banned
Crocker is seen as one of Timmy's fan.
Poltergeeks Poltergeeks
Crocker makes a brief cameo when his house is blown up.
Cosmo Rules Cosmo Rules
Fairly OddPet Fairly OddPet
He is seen briefly with his pet parrot.
Dust Busters Dust Busters
The Bored Identity The Bored Identity
Mr. Crocker is not seen on screen, but his voice can be heard when he gets stuck under Mr. Turner's car.
Country Clubbed Country Clubbed
Speaking cameo.
Love at First Bark Love at First Bark
Stage Fright Stage Fright
After Vicky rehearses in the community theater, Mr. Crocker was the only one in the audience, and applaused to her act.
Gone Flushin' Gone Flushin'
Speaking cameo.
Fairly Odd Fairy Tales Fairly Odd Fairy Tales
Appears as a tree monster along with Dinkleberg in the third story.
The Hungry Games The Hungry Games
The Kale Patch Caper The Kale Patch Caper
He sells the last Kale Patch Kid.



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