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Decimator: Crush the Planet is a video game starring a large robot named the Decimator. It first appeared in Jimmy Timmy Power Hour.


When Timmy poofed into Jimmy Neutron's lab after he wished he was in the greatest science lab in the universe, Jimmy was updating Goddard. But then Jimmy was accidentally poofed back into Dimmsdale when he grabbed Timmy's Auto-Poofer. Timmy then stupidly mistaken Goddard for a dog shaped video game console and took out his upgrading disc and replaced it with the disc of the Decimator game. After downloading on the Decimator game instead of Goddard's new upgrade, he turns into the Decimator and starts to terrorize Retroville. Timmy though, with Cindy's help was able to shut him down and restore him back to normal before he could destroy Retroville (and the world).


The gameplay of Decimator is mainly where a player has to try to defeat the Decimator, a large robot full of weapons and endurance, who is controlled by another player. But every time a player is defeated, Decimator grows bigger and more powerful. It is most likely a parody of the Terminator movies.


See Also

  • Decimator Goddard, when Goddard the robot dog turned into the Decimator Robot and almost destroyed Retroville thanks to Timmy who mistaken him for a game console while he was being updated.
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