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Death Ball
World: Near Earth
Additional Information
Owned By:
  Dark Laser
  Dark Troopers
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Movie Magic
Last Appearance:
  Crockin' The House
Destroyed In:
Numerous times

The Death Ball is a Star-Wars-styled space station, where Dark Laser commands his army of Dark Troopers.


The Death Ball is a giant spaceship which serves as Dark Laser's evil lair and mobile command base. It has attempted to destroy Earth numerous times, but the attacks are always foiled by Timmy and his fairies, as seen in The End of the Universe-ity.


The Death Ball is shaped like Dark Laser's head, and closely resembles the Death Star of Star Wars fame from which it is a parody of. In its first appearance, the Death Ball more closely resembles its Star Wars counterpart, although the sphere is halved by a second larger trench running from pole to pole, and it also has a large sign reading "Eat" on the side of it.

The Death Ball as it appeared in "Movie Magic", before Dark Laser's introduction.



The Death Ball, or a variation of it, was first seen in "Movie Magic" when Timmy had wished himself into a parody of Star Wars to capture scenes of it for his own film. It had a significantly different appearance, as Dark Laser himself had not been introduced at this point yet. It also apparently doubles as a restaurant. It first appeared as Dark Laser's lair in "Mission: Responsible" in its construction stage. It was then destroyed by Timmy and Poof. Somehow, Dark Laser finished construction anyways, and tried to destroy the Earth in "The End of the Universe-ity". It was then destroyed by Timmy again three times. In an attempt to destroy the Earth, he tries to convince Timmy to work with him since he has a Dark Suit that uses Dark Powers that can do things that Fairy Magic can't do. It nearly works since Timmy liked how he was able to use the Dark Suit for his own advantages, but right when Timmy was about to press the 'Destroy Earth' button, he snaps out of it and uses Dark Laser's weapon against him, destroying the Death Ball again. It reappeared in "Wishology", where two of Dark Laser's workers were watching a video that Timmy posted on TooYube to attract his attention. Dark Laser, upon finding out about the video, was angered so much that he confronted Timmy directly. However Timmy claimed that he needed Dark Laser's help in fighting the Darkness, so he spared Timmy from being killed and went to assist Timmy on defeating the Darkness. Even though Timmy didn't destroy it in "Please Don't Feed The Turners", Dark Laser trapped him and his family in a zoo as payback for Timmy destroying it eleven times. He is shown to have installed a zoo and mall to make money to pay for repairs. The new places were so popular that they raised 100 Million Death Dollars for Laser to pay for the repairs. However, Timmy ended up destroying it again.