"If you're not convinced these are the coolest powers ever, just return the suit and I will never attack Earth again."

Dark Laser, mentioning the suit

Dark Powers Suit
Uses: To make wishes on their own that is unrestricted by Da Rules
Additional Information
Created by:
  Dark Laser
Owned by:
  Timmy Turner
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The End of the Universe-ity
Last Appearance:
  The End of the Universe-ity

The Dark Powers Suit is a suit created by Dark Laser. It's purpose was to corrupt Timmy.


When worn, the user is able to make wishes on their own that is unrestricted by Da Rules. According to Cosmo, its unlimited and it lasts forever. He also says that it can also let the user rule the universe and everything in it.


The dark suit was featured in "The End of the Universe-ity." Dark Laser tells Timmy that if he returns the suit after twenty-four hours, he will never try to attack Earth again. Timmy decides to wear the suit, but only because he wants Dark Laser to stop trying to destroy the Earth. After having some experience with the suit, Timmy gets lured to the dark side. However, because of Wanda, he leaves the dark side after her reminding him to think of his god family.

Timmy decides to shred the suit, but changes his mind when Vicky shows up. He makes Vicky flush her head on the toilet.


Timmy wearing the suit.


  • According to Timmy, the dark suit can't make people naked.
  • The suit is similar to Dark Laser's suit, only smaller and has a hat.
  • The dark suit includes a manual.
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