Dale Dimm
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 20s or 30s (Probably; Over 300 years ago)
Birthday: Seventeenth Century
Hair color:       Yellow
Eye color:       Green
Personal Information
  Village Idiot
  Ye Old Town With No Name (Dimmsdale)
  The Founder of Dimmsdale
  Timmy Turner
  Alden Bitterroot
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Which Witch Is Which?
Last Appearance:
  Which Witch Is Which?
Voiced by:
Jim Ward

"Duh, I can toucheth my brain."

— Dale Dimm

Dale Dimm was apparently the village idiot from Ye Old Town Without Name, Colonial-era Dimmsdale. The town was named after him when he saved everyone from the witch Alden Bitterroot. He was originally thought to be a myth in the 21st century until Timmy proved that he existed through a photo that he took of Dimm and the townspeople. He is not to be confused with Dale Dimmadome.


Dale Dimm was a remedial, slovenly man who is considered the fool of the village. He is extremely tall compared to the other townspeople and was easily able to step on Alden Bitterroot. He also had bare feet and hairy toes.


Dale was a very tall man with crooked teeth. He also appears to be incredibly stupid as when he picks up his nose he says "I can toucheth my brain", and eating slop with the pigs as well. At first, he thought that Timmy Turner was a witch because he smelled clean, but when Timmy pulled off a goat (Cosmo disguised as a goat) whose horns had become embedded in Dale's foot, Dale declared Timmy to be his "bestest friend". Dale may not be as stupid as he seems, as he did stop Alden Bitterroot from hurting Timmy, and when Timmy and the people of the cheered for him, he thanked them in a regal and intelligent-sounding British accent.


When Timmy Turner traveled back in time in "Which Witch Is Which?" to find out who the true founder of Dimmsdale was, he learned that the townspeople originally wanted to name the town "Bitterburg" after the witch hunter Alden Bitterroot, but when Bitterroot turned out to be both a fraud and a witch himself, he was easily stopped by Dale Dimm, who stomped on him and peeled the crushed Alden Bitterroot off his foot before tossing him into the town well. Afterward, when the townspeople agree to name Dimmsdale after him (initially calling it Dalesburg before Timmy suggested the town be called Dimmsdale), he suddenly starts speaking with an intelligent-sounding British accent in contrast to how stupid previously behaved or how his voice originally sounded. Timmy then took a picture of him and the townspeople which he would then show to A.J. as proof that Dale Dimm did exist back then.

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