• Wanda: Oh I don't know, sport. Magic can be dangerous in wrong hand.

  • Timmy: Mr. Crocker, I don't know what you're up to do, but we're [I'm] not going anywhere with you!
  • Denzel Crocker: (disguised as Denzel DiCaprio) Kids on magic tours don't have to go to the school.
  • Timmy: We're [I'm] in!

  • Timmy; Look everyone! Mr. Dicaprio is a fairy!
  • Denzel Crocker: No, I'm not. (Starts floating) There's just one explanation for this: FAIRIES had turned me into a FAIRY!
  • Unknown Woman: Wow! He really IS a Fairy!
  • Unknown Man: And he needs to work-out...
  • Denzel Crocker:You try to pay for a gym with a teacher's salary!

  • Timmy: Your magic act was great dad!

  • Crocker: Who cares?!

  • Cosmo: Consider your dad safe!

  • Unknown man: Let's make him put his shirt back on!
  • Mr. Crocker: Maybe Timmy's Dad is a... FAIRY!!!!

  • Mr. Turner: Honey, Mr. DiCappuccino is on the garbage!

  • Cosmo: Oh please, Wanda. What could possibly go wrong?

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