• This episode aired in Poland on June 16, 2011, before airing in the USA.
  • This is one out of 2 beach themed episodes aired in the summer of 2011. The other one is "Beach Blanket Bozos."
  • This is the last appearance of Francis in the series.
  • This is Santa Claus's eighth appearance on the show (including cameos), and the sixth that is not a Christmas special.
  • Without Timmy Turner, Crocker feels empty inside because he has no one to torture and give F's to.
    • This is odd, because when the island blew up, Crocker was dancing. So if he wanted Timmy to die on the island, then he would feel empty inside because he wouldn't have anyone to torture or give F's to.
  • Mr. Crocker wanting Timmy to die on the island could be a reference to the episode, "Teacher's Pet", where Crocker says "You've become my enemy today, Turner!". Cosmo also repeats his "What's this button do?" gag from the same episode.
  • This would be the last episode until "One Flu Over the Crocker's Nest" in which The Turner's House would be absent.
  • It is (or was) actually possible to pass Santa's workshop while driving through the desert in Arizona, on US 93 northwest of Kingman.  See here: Santa Claus, AZ



  • Timmy wears red swim shorts instead of pink.
  • After the boat store collapse, Timmy is seen with his normal hair and his cap. But it is illogical because before Timmy meets his dad his hair is expanded like Cosmo.
  • When Cosmo pulls out the bomb and it says 00:03, Cosmo throws the bomb back on the island and Timmy gets in the submarine. When the scene goes back to the countdown, the timer still says 00:03 even though more than three seconds passed by.

Running Gags

  • Someone saying "I feel like a woman named Linda". The someone then puts on lipstick and then hurts his finger and says "Linda broke her fingernail!".
  • Characters saying the name Linda.
  • The elf Mr. Turner crashed with appearing throughout the episode.
  • Mr. Turner getting lost and driving the car into a volcano.
  • Mr. Turner thinks that the people he makes out of coconuts and sticks are real.
  • General McCloud yells loudly.
  • The Naughty List being mentioned when characters note they are going to go on there for certain deeds they did.
  • Mrs. Turner asks how Timmy obtained items from his wishes, Timmy gives her a totally illogical answer (as usual, the Internet) and Mrs. Turner falls for it.
  • Continuous "Wrong Way" signs.
  • People mistaking a bomb for an alarm clock.

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