• Cupid loves flapjacks as seen in Poof's Playdate.
  • He owns a mansion in Fairy World.
  • He hosts a reality show as shown in Apartnership!.
  • In "The Fairly Oddlympics", Cupid continued to poof up a cheetah each time someone overused the word "cheater".
  • He shares his voice with SpongeBob SquarePants, who is also voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • He can play piano, as seen in Fairly Odd Baby and Fairly Oddlympics.
  • His teeth are sometimes the "normal" one, like Cosmo's and Wanda's, but sometimes are shiny, just like Dr. Rip Studwell's.
  • He has pink hair, just like Wanda.
    • Actually, Wanda has darker hair than him, Cupid has really pink hair, Wanda's hair is more fuchsia rather than pink.

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