Uses: Signifies wearer is a Fairy or Anti-Fairy
Powered by: Fairy Magic
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  The Fairly OddParents!

Crowns are the floating objects above a Fairies' head.


Crowns are an identifier to tell whether a character is a fairy or not, along with its wand and wings. Almost all fairies have crowns, and Anti-Fairies have their own version of the crown.


The crowns are yellow with gold borders, and three points in a W shape. Anti-Fairies crowns are the same, but are black colored.


Crowns are part of the attire given to Fairies when they become Fairy Godparents, along with wands and wings. Some fairies do not have crowns, but rather pointy hats, such as The April Fool. Some fairies lack crowns completely, such as Dr. Rip Studwell, while others have their own stylized "crowns", such as Anti-Cosmo's top hat.

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