Hair color:       grey, white and brown
Eye color:       Grey
Personal Information
  their natural habitat
Dimmsdale Zoo
  The practical jokers of the animal kingdom
  The Cowlicked Beaver
Denzel Crocker (Their temporary leader)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Animal Crockers
Last Appearance:
  Animal Crockers
Voiced by:
Carlos Alazraqui

Crockeroos are a formerly endangered species of mammal. Chloe Carmichael wishes for them to flourish again so the animal can be saved.


Crockeroos are said to be the "Practical jokers of the Animal Kingdom." They enjoy causing mischief and pulling pranks on people. The pranks are generally ones people find annoying.

Their pranks include giving people trick gum, shocking them with joy buzzers and spraying them with water squirting flowers. Chloe mentions that nobody knows where they get these items, and it is considered one of the mysteries of the animal kingdom.

Other aspects of their personality are being high strung, and having no sense of personal space or oral hygiene. They also enjoy stealing items from people and burying them. Crockeroos tend to follow a dominant male in their species and make him their king, a fact that Denzel Crocker took advantage of.


Crockeroos are small creatures with fur all over their bodies. They look like lemurs, but with heads shaped like Mr. Crocker. They have two sets of ears. One set is on their necks while the other set of ears come off the back of their heads in a way that looks similar to Timmy Turner's hat, and they have large pink noses.

They have black markings on their faces, chests and the sides of their heads which mimic his trademark glasses and tie. They also have black striped ringed tails. Their stomachs are a lighter shade than the rest of their bodies, except for the white ones which have a darker shade. It is frequently stated that Crockeroos smell like old cheese on the bottom of an infected foot.




  • The name "Crockeroo" was also used in Teacher's Pet when Mr. Crocker transformed into one, but instead of it being similar to a lemur, it is actually similar to a kangaroo.
  • Other similar animals to the Crockeroos include the Crocker Spaniel, the Crockeroach, and the Crockerdile.

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