Crocker Virus
Uses: Computer virus
Additional Information
Created by:
  Denzel Crocker
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Information Stupor Highway
Last Appearance:
  Information Stupor Highway
Destroyed In:
Information Stupor Highway

The Crocker Computer Virus is a virus and data killing program that Crocker sends after Timmy, was wished into the internet in the episode "Information Stupor Highway."


This computer program has but two functions: seek and destroy. One of these programs was also used to trace Timmy back to his computer, where Mr. Crocker recorded footage of Cosmo and Wanda having a "magic fight." It sent this recording back to Mr. Crocker's house, where he attempted to upload it to all computers in the world before he was stopped by Timmy.


The Crocker Virus is green and shaped like Mr. Crocker's head, with more 8-bit and mechanical looking portions. It eats away at data with its mouth, although if it eats too much it will explode.


Mr. Crocker noticed Timmy Turner snooping around his computer, who he mistook for a pink hatted virus. Denzel quickly sent a number of these programs after Timmy, they chased him through the Internet until Timmy tricked most of them into getting stuck in a low bandwidth zone.

One remained and it continued to chase Timmy, who used it to destroy a video recording Mr. Crocker had been trying to send through the Internet, the recording was of Cosmo and Wanda, and would have proven fairies existed.

Crocker Virus

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