Timmy Turner: Mr. Crocker, you're the best teacher ever!
Wanda Fairywinkle-Cosma: Look! We're flying!
Cosmo Cosma: Yeah! Smell like magic!
Dr. Phyllis Fancyfree: That's IT. I can't take it anymore; I'm going to do something that goes against all my training as a therapist... I'm going to CURE you!!!

Wanda: You built Fairy World over a place called Giant Bucket of Acid World ?!
Jorgen Von Strangle: In hindsight, it was probably not the best plan.

The Mayor of Dimmsdale: I eat goat meat one lousy time and he won't let it go. I'm only human! I have needs.

Wanda: Mr. Crocker, you're a gorgeous hunk!
Jorgen Von Strangle: Mr. Crocker, you are not a pafatic weirdo!
Cosmo Mr. Crocker, I like your ham!
Poof Fairywinkle-Cosma: Poof Poof, Poof Poof Poof!
Timmy Turner: AHH! We're still falling!
Wanda: Mr. Crocker, you've won the Nobel Prize!
Jorgen Von Strangle: Mr. Crocker, I think it is cool that you live with your mother!
Cosmo No, seriously, Mr. Crocker, nice ham!
Timmy Turner: Wait, a minute I've got it! I can’t believe I’m saying this but... Mr. Crocker, you're the BEST TEACHER EVER!

Denzel Crocker: Thanks for seeing me again Dr. Fancyfree.
Dr. Fancyfree: Well just as long as you agree to my conditions.
(cuts to Crocker who is bound like Hannibal Lector complete with mask and strait jacket)

Dr. Fancyfree: Well, obviously hypnosis didn't work, so let's start fresh. "There's no such thing as (see Timmy and his fairies floating outside the window) FAIRIES! (Dr. Fancyfree jumps and spazzes just like Crocker) I see fairies!...FAIRIES! FAIRIES! FAIRIES! (Smashes into a picture)
Mr. Crocker: [still bound up] You GO girl! FAIRY GODPARENTS! [spazzes like he usually does]

Crocker: Hypnosis? HAH! Nothing can penetrate my hard mental.. (Crocker falls asleep)
Dr. Fancyfree: Repeat after me. I don't believe in fairies!
Mr. Crocker: I don't believe in faires.. I don't believe in fairies... I don't believe in fairies... [his ear goes to his head and his hunchback disappears] I don't believe in fairies... [breaks out trance] I don't...[lighting up] believe in...[joyful] FAIRIES!

Dr. Fancyfree: You're cured. Don't come back again!

Crocker: I'm single and free of fairies!

Timmy: It worked! Fairy World is floating again!

Timmy: No, Mr. Crocker, wait! Aah... Time for plan B!

Wanda: Look, we're floating!
Cosmo: Yeah, smell like magic..

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