Crock Talk is a webshow Crocker made to talk about the recent monster sightings in Dimmsdale.

Crock Talk!


After Mr. Crocker saw and taped Bigfoot in a supermarket and a Swamp Monster in Mr. Bickles' hottub, he decided to make a webshow to show it to other people. He tied his mother, Dolores-Day Crocker to a wall and made her his DJ, and kidnapped Professor Olaf Gunderson to serve as a guest star and "expert" on the show. Mr. Crocker told his viewers that if anyone saw a monster, he should call him. As Timmy was the one who wished for the monsters, Dad saw one loitering around his house and called Crocker, who ignored the monsters and tried to tape Timmy's fairies, but ended up as a bowling ball when a monster decapitated him and send his head rolling into Mrs. Turner's bowling ball bag. The show ended when Doug Dimmadome made a deal with Denzel to turn it into a TV show, but after Wanda poofed the monster away and the show was cancelled, Crocker made another webshow about what happened to the people involved in the episode.

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