• This is the second episode in which the title begins with Crock, the first is Crock Talk.
  • Mr. Turner believed in ghosts just like he did in Poltergeeks.
  • In this episode, Sparky only interacts with Mr. Turner, except for one little scene when he interacts Timmy. Timmy also interacted with him when he pushed sparky infront of the bed.
  • The scene where Timmy was pulling an anvil with a rope was put in a video on Nick's website titled "Timmy's Most Embarrassing Moments."
  • Invisible Mr. Crocker is very similar to invisible Timmy from the episode, Timvisible.
  • This episode premiered in the Philippines on November 11, 2014.
  • Innuendo: The title of the episode.

Running Gags

  • Timmy dry snitching on Crocker to his dad.
  • Crocker being ran over by vehicles.
  • Timmy's plans to make Crocker visible failing.
  • Crocker's mother apparently freaking out whenever he hugs her.
  • Mr. Turner hitting Crocker and in the egg sac.
  • Sparky telling Timmy's dad to give him food by saying "Please drop one."



  • In the Xfinity's description Timmy's name was misspelled as Tommy.
  • While Timmy is moving some stuff to the door you see he is pushing Sparky. But when Mr. Turner is eating chicken nuggets Sparky is next to him.
  • In this episode Mr. Crocker states that his mother won't give him chicken nuggets. However, in Chicken Poofs, she offered him to give him some for lunch.
  • In this episode, they say that you can't wish someone visible if they're invisible. However in Timvisible, they could. So the entire plan they had to make Crocker visible was pointless.
    • Also, it is possible that in Timvisible, Wanda used her ultrasonic-bat powers to track Timmy so that way she can poof him back to normal.

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