• This is the second episode in which the title begins with Crock, the first is Crock Talk.
  • Mr. Turner believed in ghosts just like he did in Poltergeeks.
  • In this episode, Sparky only interacts with Mr. Turner, except for one little scene when he interacts with Timmy. Timmy also interacted with him when he pushed Sparky in front of the bed.
  • The scene where Timmy was pulling an anvil with a rope was put in a video on Nick's website titled "Timmy's Most Embarrassing Moments."
  • Invisible Mr. Crocker is very similar to invisible Timmy from the episode, Timvisible.
  • This episode premiered in the Philippines on November 11, 2014.
  • Innuendo: The title of the episode.

Running Gags

  • Timmy dry snitching on Crocker to his dad.
  • Crocker being ran over by vehicles.
  • Timmy's plans to make Crocker visible failing.
  • Crocker's mother apparently freaking out whenever he hugs her.
  • Mr. Turner hitting Crocker and in the egg sac.
  • Sparky telling Timmy's dad to give him food by saying "Please drop one."



  • In the Xfinity's description, Timmy's name was misspelled as Tommy.
  • While Timmy is moving some stuff to the door you see he is pushing Sparky. But when Mr. Turner is eating chicken nuggets Sparky is next to him.
  • In this episode, Mr. Crocker states that his mother won't give him chicken nuggets. However, in Chicken Poofs, she offered him to give him some for lunch.
  • In this episode, they say that you can't wish someone visible if they're invisible. However, in Timvisible, they could. So the entire plan they had to make Crocker visible was pointless.
    • Also, it is possible that in Timvisible, Wanda used her ultrasonic-bat powers to track Timmy so that way she can poof him back to normal.

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