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Crash Nebula is a cartoon within a cartoon in The Fairly OddParents universe. Sometimes it is also depicted as a comic.


Crash Nebula (hero) is an in-universe superhero in the Fairly OddParents, much like the Crimson Chin. Crash Nebula has a series of cartoons, comics, and video games that are popular among boys in Timmy Turner's age group, as he, A.J., Chester, and Elmer have all been seen watching his cartoon or wearing Crash Nebula costumes.

Within FOP

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Young Crash Nebula

Sprig Speevak

Titlecard-Crash Nebula

Title card of the "Crash Nebula" pilot episode.

Crash Nebula is one of Timmy Turner's favorite TV shows on The Fairly OddParents. He is a parody of Buzz Lightyear. A.J. believes Crash Nebula is better than Crimson Chin. One Halloween night, Elmer dressed up as Crash Nebula, causing Tad and Chad to joke that he has "intergal-acne".

Real Life

Butch Hartman pitched the idea of the show to Nickelodeon in 2004. A pilot episode was created and shown as a 30-minute episode in Season 5. Timmy watches the cartoon on TV and is not seen except at the beginning and end of the episode. The story shows how Sprig Speevak joined the space academy and found his space suit.

Nickelodeon decided against picking up the series due to bad focus testing, and the idea was dropped. With the departure of Steve Marmel (Crash Nebula co-creator) from the FOP staff and the mixed reviews the episode itself received, it is highly unlikely the series will ever be revived, especially with the recent departure of Butch Hartman from Nickelodeon in February of 2018. Prior to the pilot episode's airing, FOP characters occasionally made reference to this show existing within their universe, as a way to hype the show up to the audience, although since the pilot episode, Crash Nebula is rarely used as a superhero except certain characters wearing his costume.

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