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This article is about the board game. For the episode of the same name, see Cosmonopoly.

Cosmonopoly Game
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Cosmonopoly is a game created by Cosmo that was shown in the Season 9 episode of the same name.

Basic Information

The "Cosmonopoly" game was created by Cosmo, and it's about how a day in Cosmo's life looked like before he met Wanda. He explains that he made the game based on the best day of his life, which was the day he met Wanda.

Cosmonopoly Editions


This game edition contains a board, white mice with black dots (instead of dice) and a pile of cards.

Wedding Edition

Not much is known about this edition but Cosmo mentions it near the end of the episode before Mr. Crocker is sucked into playing it

The Board

The board is the most fundamental element in the game.

List Of Places


  • This game is most likely a parody of the famous Monopoly board game.
  • Cosmo originally said that he made the game because he was bored before realizing why he actually made it.
  • Cosmo's teen pics from "School's Out!: The Musical" and "Wishy Washy" can be seen from the beginning room on the wall.


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