• This episode reveals how Cosmo and Wanda met and got married.
  • This episode reveals that Cosmo's height is 2'2 although in "Turning Into Turner", he is 3'6.
  • The Fairy Clerk was originally going to look like the test administrator on "Turning Into Turner" but was changed for unknown reasons.
  • This episode reveals that Mrs. Crocker is allergic to raw fish.
  • International Airdates
    • This episode premiered in the Philippines on November 10, 2014.


  • Monopoly - The episode's title and title card are references to the game. Adding by, in the title card Cosmo was dressed up as Rich Uncle Pennybags; Monopoly mascot.
  • Rosie Perez - The women at the DMV resembles actress and singer Rosie Perez.
  • Recess - Miss Spinster on the playground might be based on Miss Finster from the animated series Recess

Running Gags

  • One of the Turners doing something to Mr. Crocker, making him say, "I hate this family!".



  • There is a discontinuity from this episode and "Schools Out!: The Musical". In this episode, it is said that Cosmo ran Wanda over. In Schools Out, it is shown that Cosmo and Wanda met in a diner that Cosmo was working at. Since the "sappy love song" was a trick, it is possible that it is not true. However, there has to be some truth to this because on the wall in this episode, there is a picture of Cosmo in his waiter outfit.
    • The same error happens in "Odd Ball" when Cosmo told Timmy he stuck with Wanda because he hit her with a dart, and Wanda still had the scar to prove it. However this event may have happened after they fell in love and Cosmo may have had other crushes, and that is how he picks Wanda.
  • There is also a discontinuity with "Fairy Idol". In Fairy Idol, it is said that fairies are fast healers. However in this episode, it said that Wanda needed surgery. A similar error is derived from Big Daddy because he has a scar and the only way he could get a scar is if he didn't heal quickly.

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