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Uses: Finding jobs for Mr. Turner
Powered by: Fairy Magic
The Internet
Additional Information
Created by:
  Timmy Turner
Made by:
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Odd Jobs
Last Appearance:
  Odd Jobs

CoolJobs.Wand is a fictional website that Timmy Turner wished for and Cosmo materialized so that his father, Mr. Turner would find a cool job and stop kids from laughing at him.


Timmy wished for this website in the episode "Odd Jobs" after he brought his father to his school and was embarrassed by how lame his father's job was compared to his classmates. The website's function is to help Mr. Turner find a more interesting job that Timmy wouldn't be ashamed of.


It's magical, but looks like a normal website. It appears inside of a square and it has two side menus. Cosmo and Wanda talk to the person that accesses it.



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