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Wanda: "That's why I chose Cosmo, because he's funny!"

Timmy: "Hi Trixie, I'm here for our big, not hilarious date! Just me and you not laughing at me, date!"
Trixie: [bursts out laughing]

Timmy: "But... but... but..."
Trixie: "He said but three times!"

Timmy: "I wish I wasn't funny anymore!"

Jorgen Von Strangle: "Tell a joke, now!"

Mr. Tang: "Young man, what's the meaning of this? Do you know it's one minute to midnight?"

Trixie: "Timmy, you killed my seemingly harmless plant! You are so not my boyfriend!"

Cosmo: "He's just not funny anymore."
Jorgen Von Strangle: "But I am! I am a screaming riot!"

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