The citizens of Dimmsdale are the every day townies that are seen dwelling in Dimmsdale; as pedestrians on the street, shoppers, other families, and often times a purple tinted mass of non-speaking people. The citizens of Dimmsdale are described, as the town name might suggest, as being quite "dim-witted", and the city is often reported as being one of the dumbest and most dangerous in America. This can also be seen by the fact that they elected their Mayor to office for life simply because they did not read the ballets when they voted.

Due to Timmy Turner's irresponsible wishing, ordinary people are often put in the line of danger when one of his wishes goes out of control. Such disasters include monsters rampaging through the streets, a wide variety of space alien attacks, a hurricane made of hair, and even the entire city being covered in an entire blob of Jell-O. Usually Timmy manages to wish everything back to normal before anybody is seriously injured, but in at least two cases Timmy let power fall into the wrong hands, and Denzel Crocker and Vicky destroyed the city in Abra-Catastrophe! and Channel Chasers respectively.

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