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Chompy's Family
Gender: Female and Male
Species: Goat
Personal Information
  Dimmsdale, California
  The Mayor of Dimmsdale
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Dream Goat!
Last Appearance:
  The "Good Old Days!"
Voiced by:
Susanne Blakeslee

Frank Welker

Chompy's Family consists of Chompy the Goat, his wife and two children.


When Chompy was set free by Timmy Turner and sent to a better place, Chompy met his mate in a field and had their two kids. She returns with her children to Dimmsdale to help Timmy to return the favor.


All of the goats are designed like Chompy. The mother and daughter both have pink horns and eyes, and wear pink pearls, while the son wears a blue t-shirt and hat.

Chompy the Goat Senior

Chompy the Goat Sr..png

An older version of Chompy that appears in The "Good Old Days!". He has the same role as Chompy, being the mascot of Dimmsdale (1930's) and working with the old Mayor.

He is a goat, stylized with classic animation and wearing a sash on his back that is covered in stars.


The goats play little roles in the series and only appear once at the end of the episode, "Dream Goat!". After Timmy frees Chompy the Goat from his cage in Dimmsdale City Hall and then wishes him away, Chompy ends up in a field and falls in love with a female goat. Merely a day later, rescues Timmy from the angry townspeople after they had learned what he did and formed a mob. The townspeople saw how happy Chompy was while free, and the Mayor of Dimmsdale decided to let Chompy and his family to be able to come and go from Dimmsdale whenever they pleased.

Chompy reappears alongside the Mayor throughout the series, acting as the mascot of Dimmsdale, but neither his mate or family are seen or referenced again.

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