• In "Timmy TV", it is revealed that he gets his daily exercise by being chased by fans.
  • During Chip Skylark's appearance at the end of "Birthday Bashed!", he was singing a birthday song for Timmy. It's still questionable how in the world the fairies could allow Chip Skylark to be there if Cosmo had trouble getting Britney Britney to appear during "Cosmo Con".
  • Chip Skylark is modeled after the NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick. His role became extremely limited after "Chip Off The Old Chip" because Kirkpatrick's popularity slowed down after NSYNC had their performance put in hiatus back in 2002, prior to their departure in 2007[1] before Nickelodeon retired Chip from the show after "Momnipresent".
  • In Abra-Catastrophe, the photo shows him under "Chimp Skylark" (pictured) when Earth gets ruled by apes.
  • In a way, minus his goatee, he resembles an adult version of Danny Fenton from Danny Phantom, another show Butch Hartman created.
  • He is thought to bear a striking resemblance to Joey Richter of Team Starkid.
  • In "Boys in the Band", it was revealed that his birthday is the day before Timmy's.
  • The only difference of his appearance between Skip Sparkypants is his hair color and clothes.
  • Despite not appearing in The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2, his song My Shiny Teeth and Me is heard playing at the end of the crossover.
  • In Viral Vidiots, after getting kidnapped and trapped by Denzel Crocker to get vaporized and drained of the magic he thought she had, Mrs. Turner mentions that the same thing almost happened to Chip Skylark.  
  • In Boys in the Band, when he is being kidnapped by Vicky, he says "Another day, another wackadoo holding me against my will", which implies that he has been kidnapped by crazy fans before.
Chip Skylark

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