• This is the first appearance of the art/drama teacher, Mr. Bickles.
  • This is the last episode that Chris Kirkpatrick voiced Chip Skylark before they reduced the character to being just a background character with no lines. He, however briefly returned to reprise his role for one last time in Birthday Bashed! to do the song Happy Birthday, Timmy!
  • This episode was ranked #41 in the 100 Greatest Nicktoon Episodes countdown.
  • In this episode's original transcript, the scene where Mr. Bickles and Trixie Tang are auditioning students is significantly longer. Tad and Chad, A.J., Chester McBadbat, and all tried out and were rejected (for being paired, having no hair, and eating while rehearsing respectively). The scene also clarifies that Trixie does not want to be upstaged by anyone good enough to play the part of Ryan McCain, a task Mr. Bickles remarks is impossible. Although this scene was removed, the subplot of Trixie not wanting to be upstaged by anyone is kept in the actual episode.
  • This is the second time that Trixie Tang has cried, The first time is in Love Struck.
  • This episode shows that Timmy's parents sometimes wish they had given birth to Chip Skylark because they love Chip, (but not due to Timmy's singing voice which was unusually bad in this episode because he was nervous this time).
  • This episode is one of the two bonus episodes in the DVD Timmy's Top Wishes.
  • This episode was produced in 2002, the same year when Chris Kirkpatrick's group, NSYNC, stopped performing as putting their act in hiatus before confirming their departure in 2007.[1] Notably that Kirkpatrick's popularity slowed down during that period. This could have explained why his character, Chip Skylark, lacked his appearances as a background cameo after this episode before Nickelodeon retired him from the show after "Momnipresent", as only allowing mentionings and pictures of the character until "Scary GodCouple".


  • Chip Off The Old Chip - The title is a reference to the same phrase, "Chip Off The Old Block".
  • Wheel of Coincidence - This is a reference to the TV game show, Wheel of Fortune

Running Gags

  • Timmy Turner's awful voice causes glass to shatter, but Chip Skylark's beautiful voice fixes the broken glass.
  • Asking television with a radioactive remote for the answers.
  • Cosmo stating what someone says or does is their slogan.
  • Timmy's hair falling out whenever he presses the remote.


  • During the Wheel of Coincidence segment, the letters on the board read "GET CHIP SKYLARK TO SAY I WISH I HAD T_MMY TURNERS VOICE", yet the answer was really Tommy, not Timmy. Either way, the answer would already be on the board, because both I and O have been guessed.
  • Da Rules states that a wish has to be made in the voice of the godchild. This is flatly contradicted in "Tiny Timmy", where Timmy makes a wish using Vicky's voice, and it's granted. It's also contradicted in "Pipe Down" where Timmy mimes a wish (and again, it's granted). Reply: Da Rules only stated a voice wish had to be made in the voice of the godchild. And in Tiny Timmy, it wasn't a voice wish. Just a wish to get out of Vicky's body.
  • In most other episodes/songs, Timmy has no problem singing at all unlike what we see in this episode, although in this case it might be because Trixie is making him nervous and thus throwing him off.
  • When Mrs. Waxeplax introduced Mr. Bickles, the curtain opened, but when the poster of Ryan Macain is about to roll down, the curtain is closed.

Production Notes


Trixie: I'm the star! My future is ruined!
(Trixie and Mr. Bickles are crying)
Timmy with Chip Skylark's voice: Not on my watch! Laaa!!! (the singing then fixes the broken pictures frame)

Mr. Bickles: I think we've found our star!
Timmy with Chip Skylark's voice: Thanks, Mr. Bickles.

Timmy with Chip Skylark's voice: Thanks, Wanda. (realizes he has Chip's voice) Cool! It worked! La la la laaa! (Repairs the glass door)

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