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Chincinnati City Hall
City: Chincinnati
World: Comic Book
Additional Information
  The Mayor of Chincinnati
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Chin Up!
Last Appearance:
  Webisode 1

Chincinnati City Hall is an important area in Chincinnati. It is the headquarters of Chincinnati's administration and is also the base of the city's mayor.


The local government uses the town hall building to promote and enhance the quality of life of the community or carry out government services. It also has facilities for various civic and cultural activities, like hosting the festivities for the city's 200th Birthday.


In Chin Up, we can see the Bronze Kneecap was holding the Mayor hostage on City Hall's steps, and the Crimson Chin had to come save him. However, Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder went instead, due to how depressed the Chin was, and got trapped. However, the Crimson Chin got the inspiration to be a hero again and saved the day.

In Webisode 1, the Bronze Kneecap and Doctor Robot caused the reflex of a giant leg to kick a giant soccer ball towards the city hall. Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder used a giant head of Pele to headbutt the soccer ball back to the Bronze Kneecap.



  • The city hall is one of the few locations that has appeared in both the Crimson Chin Webtoons and the main series.