• Comic Books - This episode is a reference to comic book characters that have become aware they are fictional characters, most notably Animal Man.
  • Robin - Timmy's identity as Cleft is a parody of DC Comics superhero Robin, who served as Batman's sidekick.
  • Stan Lee - In the letters to the editor page, the Crimson Chin Author wrote "Excelsior!", which is Stan Lee's catchphrase.
  • Lenny Kravits - In the letters to the editor page, a fan's name is "Elliot Kravits", which might be a reference to this singer.


  • In two scenes, Crimson Chin is shown to have a cape.
  • The Chin mentions that Timmy spelled the word "chin" wrong, but if you look closely at the message Timmy wrote; "chin" is spelled correctly.
  • In one scene, when talking, Timmy appears to be missing his buck teeth.

Running Gags

  • The Bronze Kneecap saying to people 'Don't make me use this!' while pointing to his kneecap.
  • Someone saying 'Stupid Ketchup!' when the ketchup won't come out of the bottle.
  • The Chin sucking his thumb when he briefly loses his confidence.


  • Timmy: Comic Book Fantasy and Reality Avoidance Expo! Where people who really like this stuff can get together to prove they're not geeks!

  • Timmy: That Crimson Chin stinks!
  • Cosmo: And he eats too!

  • Geek: Cool wands, where'd you get them?
  • Cosmo & Wanda:: Uhh...Internet?

  • Timmy: Hey, you okay?
  • Crimson Chin:: Oh I'm fine, I'm just dealing with the fact that I don't exist!
  • Timmy: But-
  • Crimson Chin: Whatever, just put me back in my stupid made up book, and go back to being fictional.

  • Bronze Kneecap: I, the Bronze Kneecap, with my big bronze kneecap, shall-
  • Crimson Chin: Do you mind? I'm having a bit of a breakdown here.

  • Timmy: Cool, the Daily Blabbity! How am I supposed to get in? I know, I'll just go to the next panel and before you know it, I'll be outside the office of ace reporter Charles Hampton Indigo, secretly the Crimson Chin!

  • Charles Hampton Indigo: Leave me alone, I'm going to bed.
  • Timmy: (pointing at the clock tower) But it's 10 am!
  • Charles: (pointing at a different panel) Not in this panel.

  • Timmy: Man, he's depressed. He needs somebody at his side, to kick him into shape! What do they call those things? Oh yeah, sidekicks!

  • Spatula Woman: (having placed her giant spatula under a policeman) I like cops the way I like my eggs! (she then slammed the cop to the ground with her spatula) SCRAMBLED! Ahahhaha-
  • Cleft: And I like my cops not flipped around with a big spatula thingie!
  • Spatula Woman: (gasping) It's Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder!"

  • Cleft: Those are real fictional people, in real fictional danger!

  • Bronze Kneecap: I warned you not to make me use this! Now I'm using it!

  • Cosmo: (trying to put ketchup on his sandwich, but the ketchup wouldn't come out) Stupid ketchup!

  • Crimson Chin: You might have a kneecap of bronze, Bronze Kneecap, but you've always had a jaw made of glass.

  • Cleft: Thanks, Chin! You saved me!
  • Crimson Chin: Actually, Cleft, you saved me... from myself. (record scratch) Wow, that was shmaltzy. Who did you say writes this?
  • Cleft: Some forty-year-old dude who lives with his mom.
  • Crimson Chin: in it?
  • Cleft: (pointing to the four words above) Lives with his mom.

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