Chez Fairee
Chez fairee
Chez Fairee
World: Fairy World
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  Mission Responsible
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  Mission Responsible

Chez Fairee is a restaurant in Fairy World, similar to Dimmsdale's Chez Fancy. This restaurant only appeared in the episode, Mission Responsible.


This was the restaurant where Wanda and Cosmo made reservations and went out to take a break from babysitting Poof, leaving him with Timmy, in the episode, "Mission Responsible". This turns into a disaster when Timmy disobeyed Wanda's advice. This backfires when Poof imitates the television program and brings Timmy into dangerous situations like bringing him to construction sites and to Dark Laser's "Death Ball" (almost causing Dark Laser to get revenge on Timmy for destroying his Death Ball). Wanda also stated that Chez Fairee is apparently the best restaurant in Fairy World.


The restaurant is located on pink clouds in Fairy World. It is teal colored with a sign shaped like a crown. The outside of the restaurant looks like a French bistro.


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