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Warning! This page contains spoilers for the Fairly Odd Movie.

Chester and A.J.'s unnamed girlfriends
Gender: Female
Species: Humans
Personal Information
Love Interests:
  Chester and A.J.
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Grow Up, Timmy Turner!
Last Appearance:
  Grow Up, Timmy Turner!

Chester and A.J.'s unnamed girlfriends are a pair of twin ladies seen at the end of A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!


When Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof are captured and taken to Hugh J. Magnate Jr., Timmy Turner asks Chester and A.J. to give him a ride to Magnate's hideout so he can rescue them. They initially decline on helping him since they believe Timmy is still acting like a kid and not being serious, but Timmy manages to get them to agree by saying he'll wish for the two to find incredibly hot girlfriends.

Chester and A.J. are later seen with their new girlfriends at the very end of the movie, watching as Timmy and Tootie ride off into the sky in their "Wishful Thinking" van.


  • Reruns of the movie cut out their appearance.

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