Cheese & Crockers
Season 6, Episode 9
Titlecard-Cheese and Crockers
Prod. Code: 87A
Premiered:  (2008-05-14)May 14, 2008
Wish: Halfway Transformation Station
Headgag: Cheese
Written by:
  Scott Fellows
Storyboard by:
  Butch Hartman
Directed by:
  Michelle Bryan
Art Direction:
  George Goodchild
Music Direction:
  Guy Moon
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Cheese & Crockers is the ninth episode of Season 6.


On Half Day where "half-ness" is celebrated, Timmy Turner wishes for a machine that lets him become half-Timmy/half-whatever, but it also turns a snooping Mr. Crocker into a cheese powered megalomaniac, who captures Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof, and uses their powers to fuel a magic gun!


The episode starts with Timmy coming home from school earlier than usual. His parents ask timmy why only for him to respond to them that it is Half Day. However, his parents immediately think it is a new holiday (even though Timmy tries to tell them that it isn't a holiday) and start inventing new stuff that has half and half. Then Timmy walks up to his room only to find Cosmo and Wanda celebrating the "holiday" with half stuff.

Timmy gets an idea from their "wando" machine and whishes for a machine that turn two things into one. Crocker finds Timmy half-boy and half-skateboard and suspects that it is the work of his fairies, so he sneaks into Timmy's room an finds some melted cheese so he decides to take it and eat it. After some looking around he finds the device Timmy wished for and goes into it, but after he comes out he finds himself looking exactly the same however his cheese is gone.He is walking on the street but he trips on some trash cans,only for mice to come by.Then Crocker sprays cheese from his hands then the mice chase the cheese.After anylising himself on the DNA scanner in his Crocker Cave he finds out that he is 50% man and 50% cheese so he goes in a cheese form (cheddar) to Timmy's house.

Meanwhile at Timmy's room timmy plays with his various new half forms then he turns back to a 100% boy.Wanda says that she is worried about intruders but, Timmy doubts it only to be disproven when Cheese Crocker slips in and steals his faries and goes away.So Timmy uses his device to turn into "Rocketboy" and goes after Crocker.Then the screen goes to Crocker who rejects his high school love with the same words she uses to reject him,after that Rocketboy shows up to take back his faries who is easily defeated by the cheese Crocker.But he thinks of a plan and lures crocker to his room.Then Timmy uses all the stuff in his room(pogo stick,moldy lasanga,rocket,rhino guardian .etc.).

After Crocker finds Timmy's room he finds the 1/8 Timmy and the 7/8 other stuff and quickly attack the cheese man.Then they engage into battle but crocker again defeats Timmy and grabs him.Timmy then uses his lasanga powers to melt the Cheese crocker.And he turns crocker back to himself again and puts nim to sleep with his Timmy mobile powers.then crocker wakes up in his room and assumes it was a dream but when he opens his door he finds the rhino guardian and runs away but rams into a drawer repedeadly then the rhino says that he should have just taken the bus and eats a piece of cheddar before the episode shows its usual THE END screen. 


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