Gender: Female (voice)
Species: Fairy Phone
Personal Information
  Timmy Turner
  Being Timmy's phone
  Timmy Turner (formerly)
  Timmy Turner
  To take over Timmy's life
Production Information
First Appearance:
  App Trap
Last Appearance:
  App Trap
Voiced by:
Tara Strong

Chatty is the smartphone that Timmy wishes up for in "App Trap".


Chatty is a grey smartphone with a wand sticking out of the top. Timmy wishes for her after finding out he is the only person in town without one. Chatty is a normal phone with a SIRI-like application which allows her to communicate with Timmy, and wants to become the center of his life.


She tries taking over his life with many apps and games. She also causes him to miss Trixie's party and texts all of his friends calling them "losers", making Timmy change his mind and try to turn her off, but she got an application that made her immune to magic.

She gets angry at Timmy trying to remove her from his life and grows arms and legs, also becoming much larger. She then chases after Timmy until he finally gets to a museum where he uses waves to cancel out the phone's frequency so he can wish it away.


  • Chatty is a parody of Siri.
  • Chatty once said "I'm afraid I can't let you do that," as her screen displayed a red circle with a black background. This is a reference to HAL 9000
  • She is immune to Fairy Magic.
  • She can grow enough to have hands, and a different facial expression.
  • Chatty can perfectly imitate Cosmo and Wanda.

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