The Fairly OddParents episode transcript
"Channel Chasers"
Season №: 4
Episode №: 53-55
Airdate: July 23, 2004
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This article is a transcript of the The Fairly OddParents episode, "Channel Chasers" from season 4, which aired on July 23, 2004.


Part 1

First Half

(Some text is typed out on static saying "DIMMSDALE: 20 YEARS INTO THE FUTURE", before eventually going to a shot of a binocular GPS with a meter of some kind tracking down some sort of hover-board, before changing to Future AJ riding on a hover-board in some angles, he notices the binoculars are fires a laser out of his hands, before the scene cuts away from the binoculars and a shot Timmy's house from the future, all wrecked up and damaged as Future AJ passes by, eventually some lasers appear and one shoots the house, causing an explosion. we see Future Chester and AJ on the hove-board from earlier as the lasers continue firing.)

Future AJ: He's getting on us!

(They leave the scene as the lasers are still firing, but someone who looks like Future Timmy comes in.)

Future Timmy?: Chester, AJ, Surrender!

(Cut to the city where AJ fires some more lasers as he and Future Chester swerve around dodging several fences and obstacles, and eventually pass by a statue of Chompy which gets destroyed, as well as Dimmsdale Elementary School, but they eventually go back and destroy the building, before fleeing from that Future Timmy lookalike firing some more lasers, they eventually get to Chester's trailer but Future AJ immediately steps hard on the hover-board while still avoiding lasers, causing it to go high enough to pass by Chester's trailer which explodes, revealing Bucky McBadBat using the toilet.

Bucky McBadBat: Whoa, That's it on the Mexican brunches.

(Future Chester and AJ are still avoiding lasers and Future Timmy is still chasing them, Future AJ eventually reveals some sort of computer chip.)

Future AJ: Hurry! we gotta get this component to my house!

Future Chester: Almost there!

(They eventually grind on part of a road using the hover-board, but the hover-board eventually trips up as they hit a glass tunnel.)

Future Chester and AJ: Aah!

(Luckily enough, Future Chester gets hold of the hover board while Future AJ gets hold of Future Chester's left leg, Future Chester struggles to climb back up on the hover-board as the Future Timmy lookalike breaks through the glass tunnel, but Future AJ notices the ground underneath him as he's still firing lasers.)

Future AJ: Uh-ooh! Genius with the last hope of humanity dangling for his life!

(Future Chester brings him back up the hover-board, as they grind on some buildings and eventually fall off and crash-land on another glass tunnel.)

Future Chester: AJ, go! I'll stay here and hold him off!

Future AJ: But...

Future Chester: Go! Before it's too late!

(Future AJ leaves with the hover-board, as Future Chester gets a bat with a golden plague reading "BUCKY McBADBAT SPECIAL", but lasers hits the bat, causing it to disappear. the Future Timmy impostor eventually comes towards him.)

Future Chester: Aah!!

(PUNCH! the Future Timmy impersonator falls to the ground, but he pushes a button on his belt, causing his hover-board to zoom away, and tries to punch Future Chester's teeth, but ends up hurting his hand because of Future Chester's braces.)

Future Chester: Now I know why I never got these things taken off.

(The guy tries punching him several times, but Future Chester avoids them and hit him so hard with his bare hand that he falls to the ground again, we soon see Future AJ leaving the glass tunnel on the hover-board as the Future Timmy ripoff's hover board follows him and morphs into a device with jet-packs and a monitor, but we go back to Future Chester.)

Future Chester: Ha! You'll never stop us!

(Future Timmy fires a laser at him, causing a him to freeze in a standing position.)

Future Chester: Eh? You stopped me!

We arrive at Future AJ's house with the monitor revealing one of Future Vicky's minions, as he goes into his room and flicks a switch and causes not only the lights to turn on, but for the floor to flip, revealing a watch, which Future AJ eventually inserts the computer chip from earlier in.)

Future AJ: Now I can go back to the past and make sure none of this ever happens.

(The monitor fires another laser at Future AJ, also causing him to freeze as well.

Future Vicky's minion: You thought you were going to use you time-travel belt to return Dimmsdale to its former glory, didn't you? (Laughs) think again.

(The monitor turns his back against Future AJ.)

Future Vicky's minion: Last two apprehended your majesty.

(A giant TV comes towards AJ's house, goes above it, and fires a white beam which summons Future Vicky.)

Future Vicky: No! there's still one more, but now that I have the time travel belt, I know what exactly where to find them in the past! and once I find him, there will be no one left to stop me!

(She reveals herself.)

Future Vicky: Me! Vicky! Supreme ruler of the Earth! (Laughs manically)

(The shot goes to the present day as the text from the beginning types out "DIMMSDALE: NOW" as Present Vicky is shown laughing.)

Vicky: I'm so happy!

(Cut to a different shot.)

Vicky: I can't wait to babysit Timmy today! (grabs a bag) Let's see if I have everything I need to ensure the quality amount of child supervision... (grabs a electric screwdriver...) Ear cleaner! (a blowtorch...) Nostril scrubber! (and a giant flamethrower.) And painful high speed clothes dryer!

(She proceeds to place it back. and roll up the blanket the items are on, which has a skull that Vicky covers with a smiley sticker.)

Vicky: And that's everything I need to make his life terrible, and my life fun! *sigh* I just hope in my heart that some day I'll be able to make the whole world miserable!

(She slaps a butterfly.)

Vicky: But for now... (grabs a dart) my hate belongs to Timmy.

(The dart is actually a flamethrower that blasts some fire at an image of Timmy on a dart board.)

Vicky: Me! Vicky! Supreme ruler of hating Timmy! (Laughs manically only to start coughing and leaves.)

(There's a TV showing the Dimmsdale Action News, with the shot on the TV cutting to Chet Ubtecha)

Chet Ubetcha: Hello Dimmsdale, I'm Chet Ubetcha with today's editorial! Which technically makes it a Chet-i-Torial!

(A TV appears on the image on the right with the screen changing depending on what he says.)

Chet Ubetcha: Television. It can help, and it can hurt! but, can it help-hurt? Is it causing kids to do stupid and violent things?

(Some footage from Maho Mushi, a parody of anime shows [Mostly Dragon Ball] is shown, with the first clip involving a Goku lookalike and an alien with a cape battling on top of a forest with the show's title card appearing when Chet Ubetcha says "Maho Mushi".)

Chet Ubetcha: Take for example the wildly popular animated kung-fu monster trading-card series, Maho Mushi! (A chorus shouting "Maho Mushi!" is heard on the title card.)

(We see two boys imitating the clip by walking on tree branches with swords.)

Chet Ubetcha: Is it causing kids to do stupid and violent things?

(The branches break and the kids scream and get injured.)

Kid with big cheeks: My legs!

Kid with glasses: My arm!

(We see some more footage of another Goku lookalike reaching the top of a building via parkour as the chorus says "Maho Mushi!" over and over until he gets there. afterwards we see a kid running through the alleyway and trying to do the the same by walking up a wall... only to land in a trash can.)

Kid #3: My neck!

(The chorus shouts "Maho Mushi!" again as yet another clip is shown, involving a white monster throwing a character at a group of other people, and a bully [not Francis] imitates the clip by throwing a child at a group of kids which run off.)

Bully: My gosh! This is a cool show!

Chet Ubtecha: Let me answer my own rhetorical question with a non-rhetorical YES! but on the bright side, we can all take selfness that the day will never come that a child could imitate... THIS!

(We see one final clip of a vehicle called "The Kid Crusher" [which resembles and parodies The Star Destroyer from Star Wars.] shooting lasers at group of people as an alien pilot laughs, It turns out that Timmy is imitating the clip. With Cosmo as The Kid Crusher itself and Wanda as Timmy's helmet.)

Timmy: (Laughs for a while) I can't believe the day has come that we could imitate this! WOO-HOO! And I would never be able to do it without you guys!

Wanda: Yeah, but are you sure you know what you're doing!?

Timmy: Of course! (Takes out some Maho Mushi-themed trading cards) I know Maho Mushi better than any show on television!

Cosmo: I can't believe you never though to wish for the Maho Mushi "Kid Crusher" before!

(He flies around town and eventually heads for the sky.)

Wanda: Timmy, I don't know, watching dangerous stunts on TV is one thing, but performing them in real life feels really dangerous!

Timmy: What makes you say that!?

(Timmy realizes that he's about to crash into a airplane and screams with Cosmo and Wanda.)

Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda at the same time: Gaaaahh!

Timmy: Wanda! I wish for the Banzai Bubble!

(Wanda grant his wish and replaces the Kid Crusher with the Banzai Bubble, thus causing Timmy to bounce off the plane and start falling. We then see Mr. Turner cleaning up his office.)

Mr. Turner: Finally! I'm am sure to win "Cleanest Office"! The one trophy i'll have that my arch enemy Dinkleburg won't!

(To Mr. Turner's surprise, Timmy (Still in his Banzai Bubble!) bursts into his office, destroys everything by bouncing around and leaves.)

Mr. Turner's Boss: Congratulations Turner you win the cleanest off-(realizes the destruction that Timmy made.) Good Heavens! Dinkleburg, Quick! Take this! (Hands over the award) and the raise that goes with it!

Dinkleburg: Neat!

Mr. Turner: *Grunts* Dinkleburg... (A piece of concrete falls on him.)

(After that, we see Mrs. Turner selling a glass house to Billy Joel.)

Mrs. Turner: This is the hardest home I ever had to sell but, Here you go Mr. Joel! here are the keys to your new glass house!

Billy Joel: Thanks! You know I didn't wanna buy this but you really wore me down!

Mrs. Turner: Just don't throw any stones! *chuckles* Once I hand you the keys, it's not my problem anymore!

(Just as Billy Joel grabs the keys, Timmy (Still in his Banzai Bubble again!) screams as he crashes to the entire glass house, shattering it into smithereens.)

Mrs. Turner: I'll get a broom...

(Mr. and Mrs. Turner arrive in the exact same location.)

Mr. Turner: *gasps* Honey, our son just bounced wildly through my office destroying everything! *gasps* You see him?

Mrs. Turner: Yes, and he just destroyed the house I was about to sell!

Timmy: Gaaaaaah!

(Timmy crash lands onto his parents and the Banzai Bubble bursts.)

Timmy: Uh... Ta-DA?

(Future Timmy warps into a nearby alley.)

[End of First Half]

Second Half

(Future Timmy uses his binoculars and sees Timmy being pulled back by his parents.)

Timmy: You wouldn't be able to do this if I had the Maho Mushi Parent Puncher!

Future Timmy: Excellent... Mind for the ticking...

(A police siren is heard (thus causing Future Timmy to hide in the dumpster) and some cops arrive at the scene.)

Cop #1: Do you wanna have our coffee here?

Cop with mustache: Sure! I brought a whole bunch o' doughnuts!

(The cops sit on the dumpster.)

Cop with mustache: We can sit on the dumpster, for hours and hours and talk about life! (Scoots closer to the other cop.)

(We see the Turner's house.)

Mr. and Mrs. Turner at the same time: YOU COULD HAVE KILLED YOURSELF!

(Timmy is shown watching Maho Mushi and chants "Maho Mushi" over and over as he takes out his Maho Mushi trading cards.)

Mr. Turner: Ugh... Is this what you were imitating?

(Mrs. Turner turns the knob and switches the station to The Biographical Channel [A parody of The History Channel.] which is currently broadcasting Dictator Week. [A parody of National Geographic's special features such as Shark Week.])

Announcer: It's Dictator Week on The Biographical Channel! Channel 298 on Dimmadelphia Cable! See if you have what it takes to be a dictator!

Timmy: Aah! (Goes behind his parents...) Must, Watch, (pushes them...) Maho Mushi! (and changes the channel back.)

Mrs. Turner: Honestly Timmy, someday you're going to have to grow up! You're not a baby anymore you know?

Mr. Turner: You dented a 747, destroyed Mr. Joel's glass house, and worse, Dinkleberg won my plaque!

(Mr. Turner sees Dinkleburg outside the window.)

Sheldon Dinkleburg: Fetch, Dinkle-dog! (Tosses his plaque.) Hi, Turner! Better luck next month!

Mr. Turner: *Grunts* Dinkleburg...

(Mrs. Turner sees Timmy copying the poses he sees on Maho Mushi and turns the TV off with her remote.)

Timmy: Aah! I was watching that!

Mrs. Turner: Timmy, if we can't trust you not to imitate television, maybe you can't be trusted to even watch television!

Mr. Turner: You're grounded mister! and that means no TV either!

Timmy: What!? you can't do that to me!

Mr. Turner: Ha! Not without help!

Mrs. Turner: (she opens the door as she says this.) That's why we had Vicky come over! to make sure you don't watch any television while we go out!

(Vicky hisses like a snake, much to Timmy's horror.)

Mr. Turner: Yeah! Because we're not grounded!

Vicky: Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Turner! Don't worry, the only thing Timmy's gonna watch out while I'm here is his mouth!

(The smiley sticker from before falls off revealing the skull, which is enough to make Timmy scream and hide behind Mom.)

Timmy: No! Don't leave me with her! She's evil!

Mr. and Mrs. Turner at the same time: EVIL?

Vicky: Uh... Uh, that's silly! (Vicky brings out a model of Billy Joel's glass house and a "Best Dad" plaque from the bag as she says this.) Um, Would an evil person bring gifts?

Mrs. Turner: Wow! A glass house that reminds me of how furious I am at Timmy!

Mr. Turner: Hmm! And this plaque is twice as good as Dinkleburg's, I should go blow! Bye!

(Mr. and Mrs. Turner leave.)

Vicky: Now then... (Brings out two massive flame throwers) Somebody say EVIL!?

(Timmy screams, hides in his room, and blocks the door with his drawer, bedside table, and his bed.)

Timmy: *breathing* Phew! (Heads to Cosmo and Wanda in their fishbowl, speaking sarcastically) Aw, gee! Mom and Dad have grounded me from watching TV! Whatever is a boy with fairies to do?

(Cosmo and Wanda look at each other and poof up a TV and a remote, in which he uses it to watch some more Maho Mushi.) [Which is ironic as the TV was the same one from a few seconds ago, but on the other side of the room. even the chest was on that same side with the TV as well! but showed up on the other soon enough.]

Cosmo: Uh, Timmy, your parents said no TV, and they left Vicky here to make sure don't watch it!

Timmy: So? They didn't listen to me about Vicky, why should I listen to them about anything?

Wanda: Because they're your parents and you have to start listening to them. They only want what's best for you, and we're not always going to be around, you know.

Timmy: You're right, Wanda. (Cosmo and Wanda smile.) You're going to stay right here and make sure Vicky doesn't see what I'm doing while I wish for a magic remote that let's me go in TV, that way technically I'm not disobeying them.

Wanda: Oh, nice loophole. Who do you think you are, Fairy Mason? (The Pink Magic Remote magically appears and Timmy catches it)

Cosmo: Uh you know, there are easier ways to get on TV. Have you considered a slow-speed chase?

Timmy: Let's get televised! (Timmy goes inside television)

Wanda: I've got a bad feeling about this.

Cosmo: Quiet! I'm watching Timmy! (Eats popcorn)

Timmy: Cool! I'm in the TV universe! So many choices, I don't know where to start! But since this thing has a Channel up and Channel down button, I guess we'll start at Channel 1! (Presses a button to go into Channel 1)

Vicky: What's going on in here?

Cosmo (as Timmy): Leave me alone! Can't you see I'm watching television in blatant disregard of my parents' direct orders? I mean, don't come in, I'm naked!

Timmy: Uh, this isn't what it looks like?

Mr. Turner's Boss: Turner, I decided to give you a second chance and-- Good Heavens! Dinkleberg, (He give Dinkleberg a Money & his plaque) catch this nicest house plaque and the raise that goes with it.

(cut to Dinkleberg)

Dinkleberg: Sweet. Fetch, Dinkledog.

(Then his boss walk out of here in a bad move)

(Then Mr. Turner is so mad, he rip his hair off)

(Then Mrs. Turner toke Timmy's Magical Remote and give it to Vicky)

Mrs. Turner: Here Vicky. Take this. We're going to have a word with our irresponsible son.

Vicky: Have a nice violent talk. (and he talks to Timmy) I'll see you tomorrow. (Evil laughing and she exits it the scene)

Timmy: HEY, WAIT! That's my remote!

(Then Mr. Turner grab Timmy's head)

Mr. Turner: Which you deliberately used to disobey us, and then you busted the house and wrote that lie on the wall! What is wrong with you?

(Mr. Turner drop Timmy)

Timmy: But it's not my fault. It's Vicky's. She's evil. She's always being mean to me and always getting me into trouble.

Mrs. Turner: Oh? Did she turn your TV? Did she give you this Bazooka?

(cut to Mr. Turner)

Mr. Turner: Which I can't fire at the Dinkleberg's house because it's out of ammo.

Timmy: Well, no.

Mr. Turner: Then why should we believe anything you say? (Then him and Mrs. Turner start leaving Timmy's room) When I get back from Ammo Store, you are a lot of trouble, young man. (Leaves the room)

(Then Vicky just pop up of know where)

Vicky: Wow. I've never seen you so miserable. I should take another picture. (The she took another picture of Timmy and his goldfishes) One for you...(Then she make him put on a "Marry's Outfit" and hold a rope to a lamb) And one for the Internet. (Again, she toke another picture of that and, she ran out)

Timmy: They didn't believe me about Vicky - AGAIN! (He toke off Marry's outfit) I AM SO SICK OF THAT!

Wanda: Aw, Timmy, they're just trying to raise you to be a mature, responsible adult. Everybody has to grow up sometimes.

Timmy: Not the futurellis. Not Heavy Hal. Not Johnny Hunt. They've all been the same age forever. And if I was a kid forever, I'd never have to lose you guys!

Part 2

  • Wanda: Ooh, I don't like where this is going.
  • Cosmo: Neither do the puppets.
  • Timmy: I do. (He jumped over, land on the TV) It's going into television... Where nobody ever grows up, ever. Wanda, I wish for a another Magic Remote. I'm running away, and I'm running away into television!
  • (Then they cut to Future Timmy, and he made it out of the glass)
  • Future Timmy: (woke up) How long have I been out? (then he spot Timmy with the magic remote) The remote. There's still time.
  • (Cut back to Timmy inside the tree, writing a letter to his parents)
  • Timmy: Don't bother looking for me because you'll never, ever, ever find me.
  • Cosmo: Ever! What? It helps with the drama.
  • Timmy: Good-bye (He put the note on the TV) Forever!
  • (then they started to go into the TV, and then Future Timmy just drops in)
  • Future Timmy: Stop, wait!
  • (they cut throw Future Timmy, and he went into the TV, too. Then Timmy's Parents opened the door)
  • Mr. Turner: Well, we've got the ammo.
  • Both: (Gasps)
  • Mrs. Turner: "Goodbye Forever"? (she grabs the note) He's gone! (silently cries)
  • Mr. Turner: He misspelled ever, oh but he can spell Dinkleberg just fine!

  • Mr. Turner: Mine!

  • Blackbird: My Stuff, CURSE YOU, QUIZZLER!!!!!

  • Duck: She went that way.

  • Timmy: Yeah. I... I wonder if they know I'm gone?

  • Mrs. Turner: It's 6:45. Where's Deep Toot?

  • Mrs. Turner: Are you Deep Toot?

  • Tootie: Yes, I am. Your babysitter, Vicky. She's meaner than you know. The vase, the picture, the piano. Vicky ruined them all and blame Timmy.
  • Mr. Turner: Hey! She's key scratching "Vicky was here" on my car. I punished Timmy for key scratching "Vicky was here" on my car!

  • Mr. Turner: Why would she do that?
  • Tootie: Some say it's to make parents think their kids are horrible, so they'll hire her more often.
  • Mr. Turner: Ah! Leaping Leg-holes! She's using my underwear to clean the toilets!
  • Mrs. Turner: And I punished Timmy for that by making him eat chocolate. Which in retrospect, wasn't a very good punishment after all.
  • Mr. Turner: Unless it's that reindeer chocolate.

  • Tootie: Some say she's insane. Me, I think it's because she's evil. I think she's icky. Icky with a V.
  • Mr. Turner: Wait a minute. Chip Skylark's hit song, "Icky Vicky" suddenly makes sense!

  • Mrs. Turner: Oh my gosh! Timmy's right. Vicky is terrible. Oh, Deep Toot, how can we have thank--
  • Mr. Turner: She's gone.
  • Mrs. Turner: We should've listened to Timmy.
  • Mr. Turner: You have to tell him you're sorry.

  • Mr. Turner: And wherever he is; wherever he's hiding, we know one thing for sure.
  • Both: He's watching television.

  • Mr. Turner: Who was that girl, anyway?
  • Mrs. Turner: I don't know, but she left this. "I am not Vicky's sister".
  • Both: Hmm?

  • Future Timmy: Now where are we?
  • Timmy: Channel 297. We're on the end credits of Adolescent Genetically Altered Karate Cows. The next program is Maho Mushi.

  • Timmy: Hang on to the credits. They'll pull us into the show.
  • Wanda: Wow. These credits are moving fast.
  • Cosmo: They're animation credits. They go by really fast because people don't care about them.

  • Timmy: Aah!
  • Wanda: Timmy!
  • (Future Timmy saves Timmy by using his grappling hook gun to pull him back up to the credits)

  • Timmy: Thanks! Man I'm a lot less selfish in the future, aren't I?
  • Future Timmy: It's all part of growing up, kid.
  • (Vicky shoots a ray directly at Future Timmy hitting his time travel belt)
  • Timmy: Wait, what's going on?
  • Future Timmy: She's damaged my time travel belt. It's the only think keeping me tethered to the present.
  • Vicky: We interrupt this program for a sudden cancellation!
  • Timmy: NO! (Timmy uses the Cancel Button to erase Vicky's cow rocket, making Vicky fall down but she climbs towards the credits)
  • Future Timmy: It's up to you now. You can stop her in Maho Mushi. You can change the future.
  • Timmy: But if I change my future, you won't exist!
  • Future Timmy: Sure I will. And I'll exist in a future worth getting to.

  • Future Timmy: You can do it, Timmy. You're a great kid. I know.
  • (Future Timmy disappears back into his time)
  • Timmy: No... Come back! Please, please! GAAH! Every time there's something cool in my life! Every time! Vicky ruins it! And I'm not going to let her ruin anything else. There it is, Maho Mushi.

  • Cosmo: But you're not in that show.
  • Timmy: I am now. Oh, wait. Top billing, much better.

  • Cosmo: Man. This show is great! I wish we were watching it!
  • Sushi Man: Sushi? Maho Sushi!
  • Cosmo: I'll take one! (Accidentally zaps the man)
  • Timmy: I had to pick the one show she knows as well as I do.
  • Wanda: As long as she has access to our magic, she's just as powerful as you are.
  • Timmy: But if neither of us had access to your magic, I could beat her; and beat her for good!
  • Cosmo: Look out! (He hits Vicky with a tank to give Timmy a head start)
  • Timmy: Cosmo and Wanda said when I get older, their magic goes away. And my adult self couldn't remember them at all. I don't know exactly when I'll start to forget them, so I'll have to figure it out one year at a time. First, I'll have to get back to normal. Okay, fast-forward one year. Age 11! (Timmy turns 11 with the fast-forward button and sees his fairies) No good. I still recognize them.
  • Vicky: Yahhhh! (She escapes and charges straight at 11 year-old Timmy)
  • Timmy: Aah! Maho Mushi Mall Run! (Back-flips and runs from her) One more year! Age 12! (He still sees his fairies) I still recognize them. Cool! I'll still have Cosmo and Wanda for a few more years.
  • (Vicky proceeds to hit him with the ray coming directly from the pink magic remote and Timmy dodges the attack hitting his fairies instead before aging himself to 15 years old)
  • Timmy: Cool, I'm 15. (Armpit hair appears) Oh no, an armpit hair! (Sees his fairies again) Rats, I still recognize them!
  • (Vicky hits the floor with the remote making a strong earthquake as Timmy runs and makes himself 16 years old)
  • Timmy: (Goes through his pocket to find his driver's license) Focus. Driver's license. You're not grown up yet.
  • (Timmy makes himself 17 years old)
  • Timmy: Who will I ask to the Prom? Not grown up yet. They're still there.
  • (Timmy turns himself 18 years old and his magic remote dies first)
  • Timmy: (Forgets his fairies) Wow. I can't remember anything. So why am I running? (Vicky's attack finally hits him as he screams and falls to the floor)
  • Vicky: Hahahahaha! Say goodbye twerp, FOREVER!
  • Crowd/Cosmo and Wanda/Host: Ahhhh! Oooh! Ahhhh!
  • (Vicky's magic remote dies next)
  • Vicky: Hey, what's going on? Why won't this stupid thing work?!
  • Wanda: Because Timmy's too old for fairies!

  • (The Fairy Cab arrives honking its horn)
  • Taxi Driver: I got a call to pick up a couple of fairies.
  • Cosmo: Oh no! It's the Fairy Cab!
  • Wanda: But we can't leave Timmy!
  • Cosmo: But the meter's running!
  • Wanda: Maho Mushi Kick Toss Attack! (Wanda throws Cosmo towards Vicky to get Timmy both magic remotes)
  • Cosmo: Aah! I should start listening to her more!
  • Timmy: Whoa, nice arena. We playing the Cougars again? Hey, nice big head. Are you the mascot? (Asking Cosmo)

  • (Taxi Driver repeatedly honks the car horn impatiently)
  • Wanda: Cosmo! Poof Timmy younger before we have to get in the cab and leave forever!
  • Taxi Driver: (Sighs) Guess we gonna do this the hard way.
  • Wanda: (Screams)
  • (Cosmo quickly turns Timmy into a baby before he gets sucked in, Baby Timmy teethes on the magic remote as he poops his pants)
  • Wanda: Too much.
  • (Wanda changes Timmy back to his real age)
  • Timmy: Sweet! I'm me again! Why do my pants smell bad?
  • Vicky: I hope you enjoyed going through puberty once, cause you're not gonna do it again!
  • (Timmy recharges both magic remotes and the batteries are recharged)
  • Timmy: Pause! Erase!
  • (Changes Vicky back to normal in addition to making her lose her memory of the event)
  • Vicky: What? Why can't I remember anything?
  • Timmy: And Delete!
  • (Ejects Vicky from the TV Universe and sends her back to reality)
  • Vicky: What happened? I had the greatest dream. I almost took over the world and destroyed everybody. (chuckles until a Timmy Doll is thrown at her window as she reads the message within the letter) Call the Turners, you're dead? I am not your sister? WHO ARE YOU, DEEP TOOT!
  • (Cuts back to Cosmo and Wanda getting close to being sucked into the Fairy Cab)
  • Cosmo and Wanda: Help!
  • (Timmy sees them)
  • Cosmo and Wanda: Aaaahhhh!
  • (The Fairy Cab door opens)
  • Adam West: (speakers) Hi there, Fairy folks. This is Adam West saying don't forget to buckle up.
  • Timmy: Maho Mushi Remote Control Fairy Cab: Dark Clause Maneuver!
  • (Timmy stops the Fairy Cab by throwing the remotes at the door to stop Cosmo and Wanda from being taken away from him)
  • Taxi Driver: I got a call that said a kid grew up and don't need fairies no more.
  • Timmy: Do I look grown up to you?
  • Taxi Driver: Nah. But what do I know? All you humans look alike to me. (The Fairy Cab leaves)
  • Crowd: Ah! Ooh! Ah!
  • (Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda leave Maho Mushi)
  • Wanda: Hey, what's the matter, Timmy? You just beat Vicky and stopped her before she could take over the world.
  • Cosmo: You should be happy.
  • Timmy: You'd think I would be, right? I'm even okay with growing up. I mean, did you see what an amazing adult I'm gonna be? But, I only got that way because my parents raised me right. I mean, in every show we visited, the adults were either complete idiots or never around.
  • Cosmo: Your parents are either one or the other. Never both!
  • Timmy: I know. My parents are so mad at me, they're gonna kill me before I even get that old.

  • Mrs. Turner: Uh, hello?
  • Timmy: Huh? Mom? Dad?
  • Mr. Turner: We are desperately trying to reach our only son, Timmy.
  • Mrs. Turner: Timmy. We're sorry we didn't believe you. We were wrong!
  • Mr. Turner: You had every right to be angry with your mother, but please! We just want you to come home because...
  • (His voice echoes and the message is broadcast towards every channel in the TV Universe)
  • Both: We love you!
  • Mr. Turner: But I love you more!
  • (The Turners leave the Studio)
  • Guy: But he did ruin my chances of moving the Ballhogs to Alaska, and I already bought them blubber nuggets. But they were chewy.
  • Mr. Turner: Do you think he heard the message?
  • Timmy: You bet I did!
  • Mr. and Mrs. Turner: Timmy!
  • Mr. Turner: Neat! Our son has forgiven you and our family is back together!
  • Mrs. Turner: Oh! How can we ever thank you?
  • Guy: By getting the heck out of my office! That kid's nothing but trouble!
  • (Security takes the Turners away from Dimmadelphia Cable)
  • Guy: But then again, he did teach me the greatest love of all was inside of me.
  • (Timmy, Mr. Turner and Mrs. Turner are scolding Vicky.)
  • Mr. Turner: So, Vicky, what do you have to say for yourself?
  • Mrs. Turner: In the face of this overwhelming evidence that are and have always been an evil, lying, trouble making shrew!
  • (They show her pictures of Vicky's crude actions from when Timmy Turner was on television.)
  • Vicky: (weepy) I'm sorry. I blame television.
  • Mr. Turner: Nice try. What do you take us for idiots?
  • Vicky: Um, yes?
  • Mrs. Turner: Vicky, you're fired.
  • (Vicky looks shocked at this news, as Cosmo and Wanda cheer)
  • Mr. Turner: Those gleeful fish are right to cheer. You should've been kinder to Timmy.
  • Mrs. Turner: You should've been less violent to Timmy.
  • Timmy Turner: And I've seen enough. Pause. (He pauses Mr. Turner, Mrs. Turner and Vicky.)
  • Cosmo: Uh, Timmy, what are you doing?
  • Timmy: The only reason I got you guys in the first place is because I had a mean babysitter. I know I'll lose you guys when I'm older, so I'm not taking any chances until then. If that means a few more years of putting up with Vicky, then it's totally worth it!
  • Wanda: Awwww!
  • Cosmo: Wow! He loves us more than he hates her, and that's saying something.
  • Timmy: I wish these remote controls never existed and everyone forgot that all of this ever happened!
  • (The wish is granted and Tootie, Chester, A.J. and Crocker forget their memories of this event)
  • Tootie: Was I doing something Timmy related?
  • A.J: How much cheese in that bracelet anyway
  • Chester: Were we doing something Timmy related? (Sees cheese in his hand) Oh boy! Cheese!
  • (Cuts to Mr. Crocker leaving the Dimmsdale Psychiatric Hospital)
  • Mr. Crocker: At last! I'm cured! No more fairies! For the first time in my life, I'm able to focus on other things! I figured out cold fusion! There's no limit to the good I can do for humanity! (Crocker forgets and reverts back to his old self) What the heck is this junk? Was I about to help people? This could only be the work of FAIRIES!

  • (Timmy buries his time capsule with the Jonny Hunt lunchbox, putting in a picture of himself Vicky took of him, Cosmo and Wanda appear)
  • Wanda: What are you doing, Timmy?
  • Cosmo: Vicky got you digging your grave again?
  • Timmy: Nope. I'm just burying a time capsule. (Throws the time capsule where he buried it) Everybody else may have forgotten what happened, but that doesn't mean I have to. (He buries the dirt back inside) I'm gonna grow up someday, and I just want to make sure that I want to remember the things that really meant something to me. And most importantly, when I grow up; I'll wanna make sure I don't the same mistakes my parents made!
  • Wanda: Well that's a long time from now. Come on! It's a beautiful sunny day, the birds are singing, and the future looks bright!
  • Cosmo: Wanna go inside and watch some TV?
  • Timmy: Duh!
  • (Timmy throws his shovel, as Wanda sighs in exasperation and leaves with Cosmo and Timmy)
  • (Flash forward to 20 years later to Timmy's kids Tommy and Tammy seeing the rusty Johnny Hunt lunchbox)
  • Tammy: Hey Daddy! What's this?
  • Future Timmy: Hey, I remember this. It's my time capsule. (He opens the time capsule and sees real goldfish) Ah, well. Time to go to work. And time for your babysitter.
  • Robo-Vicky: Hi, Mr. Turner! I'm here to babysit the little targets... I mean the precious gift from above, Haha, Haha, Haha.
  • (Tammy and Tommy hide behind Timmy's legs)
  • Future Timmy: Hmmm... there's something about this that's familiar but I... (his watch beeps) Whoops, gotta go. I'm gonna be late. Bye, Tammy. Bye, Tommy!
  • Robo-Vicky: Have a memorable day, Mr. Turner!
  • (Future Timmy leaves while Robo-Vicky proceeds to harm his kids)
  • Both kids: NO! DON'T LEAVE! TAKE US WITH YOU! (Watching Timmy leave for work)
  • Wanda: Like father, like son.
  • Cosmo: Tell me about it! Well the-th-the-th (stuttering)
  • Wanda: Cosmo, what's the matter with you?
  • Cosmo: Nothing. (shivers) It's just really cold in here.
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